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How to behave after sex

Okay. You’ve got that hot, hot date in your bed and the evenings has been beyond wonderful—great dinner, fine wine, and blow-your-mind sex. Now it’s the next morning and your faced with the Awkward Situation-how to behave after sex. Two words to remember—Behave Respectfully
OH, and here's some hunks to practice on.

1. Show respect. Don’t pretend to be asleep, wondering if he’ll just get up and leave before you have to open your mouth. If you make eye contact, do not then try to close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. The jig is up. Be mature and courteous. Smile and say good morning.
2. Brush your teeth. Few things are worse than Morning After breath. I read all these very erotic stories about lovers who wake up in bed and the first thing they do before having sex again is kiss, ,long and deep. All I can think of is…I hope their teeth aren’t fuzzy.
3. Two choices. Suggest going out to breakfast. Brunch--including bloody mary’s or mimosa’s, something to take the edge off the Morning After jitters so you can converse with each other intelligently. Or, you can offer to cook breakfast. This will put some breathing room between you while you’re still figuring out if it’s okay to tell him how well he’s hung, avoid the awkward silences and show him what a great cook you are. In case he’s looking for satisfaction in the kitchen as well as in bed.
4. Hop in the shower. With luck he’ll join you. That could forestall the need for conversation for a long time.
5. Okay, now comes the talking part. Over French roast and mimosas, this is the time to tell him how amazing last night was. Don’t be nervous. Be specific about what you liked. If you plan to do this again he needs to know the things that turn you on the most. Blushing is allowed, and even shy smiles, but DON’T AVOIID THE SUBJECT. Sex should not be an untouchable subject and if you plan on starting a relationship with this person, you should show them how comfortable you are with them.
6. Make plans. It’s okay to make very light and general plans for the near future as ,long as you don’t pull out dinner with the parents and here’s what time Christmas dinner is. Talk about next weekend. That’s as far as you want to plan right now. Because next weekend will tell you if last night was just the result of high flying endorphins or you’ve really locked on to a stud for whom the word boundaries doesn’t exist.(Back to telling him what you like.).
7. Most of all, be yourself and act normal. Don’t act as if nothing has changed, because it has. And in a big way. So go with it .Give him breathing room so he can bolt if he wants to.
8. Last comment. If things are a little shaky and conversation isn’t flowing smoothly, you can always strip off your clothes and straddle him at the kitchen chair. A few movements should take you right back to where you were the night before and wipe away the Morning After wobblies.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Funny, but very wise, Judith! Very few romances address the awkward morning-after!

Kim Dare said...

All good ideas - especially the bit about cleaning your teeth, lol.

I must admit that idea does break the moment in a lot of very erotic morning sex scenes for me too.