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One Month Later

It’s been a month since my first book was published through Total-E-Bound. So what have I learned in that amount of time, you may ask. Well a lot actually!!!
First, the excitement of my first publication has not dimmed at all!!! I still find myself telling everyone, looking for reader comments, and just plain basking in it.
Second, it’s a lot more work than you think. Oh you don’t just write a story, submit it, wait (for months) to hear back, sign a contract, and Bam! That’s it. No. No. You have to get your name out there and more importantly your book. I have two myspace pages, a facebook, a website, yahoo group, and that’s all in addition to other groups where you post excerpts, get interviewed, and all the rest. And if you’re not up on your computer skills you better learn fast.
Third, getting notification that your next book has been contracted is a BIG relief and just as exciting! When I found out my second book, which will be released March 2nd, was being published I once again told everyone while doing the happy dance. Then I got the news that my third book, and start of a series, will be out in May 2009, I cried once again. Unable to believe this long awaited dream was happening!
Fourth, it doesn’t get any easier waiting to hear back for your editor about another submission. Yes, I still anxiously wait by the computer hoping for word on my next book. What can I say I’m greedy and want to share my stories with all of you!
Fifth, rejection still hurts. A month after I sent Savage Love, which was released October 27th, 2008, I sent another submission to a different publishing house. I passed the first review and it was sent to another editor, who in return rejected it. Some writers can shrug it off. However I am not one of them. After my day of funk I rolled up my sleeves and got down to finishing the submission I would send out next. Oh I’m not giving up on the rejected one, it still one of my favs, when I get time I’ll review it, change what’s needed, and resend it out!
And finally sixth, I have so much more to learn. This is just the beginning. And I’m loving every minute. And am Thankful to each and every person who takes the time to read my book, email me, or just say "hey that was good."
With Thanksgiving just past the one thing I am grateful for is the opportunity to do what I love! My family supports what I want to do and I know how truly blessed I am.
So I hope every aspiring writer who receives a rejection has the courage to resend his or her submission. I hope every published author is grateful for his or her readers. And every reader finds just what he or she need in the book they buy!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!! May you feel truly blessed!
Crissy Smith
Letting the WILD out


Lisabet Sarai said...


Don't let the rejections discourage you. Use them to hone your skill. And remember that a rejection is just as often due to your work not matching what the imprint is looking for as it is due to the quality of the writing itself.

Claire rejected the first three or four things that I sent her for TEB. Now I have a better feeling for what she wants to publish, and my average has greatly improved!


jan springer said...

Hi Crissy!

Loved your post!
I've written over 15 books and stories and I still nervously wait when an editor is looking at one of my submissions.

And I still freak out and cry when something is accepted and get sad when something is rejected.

You are right, we can't let those rejections get us down. We must keep writing!!!

This is such a fun profession. :-)
Wishing you all the best,

jan, happy to be a TEB author too!

Jude Mason said...

Hi Chrissy,

Congratulations and I'm so glad that 'glowy feeling' is sticking with you for awhile. Great isn't it?

You know, rejections always suck. I don't care if you've written a hundred books and won all kinds of awards, when you get that stinkin letter or email saying your work isn't what they're looking for, you just feel down.

I've just had a rejection letter that had nothing to do with the story. I'm not even sure it was read. But, the thing was submitted in March and was written specifically for that call. Seems the publisher has decided not to continue with that particular series. Now deep down I know the story is good, but it still made me wonder...was it my story that made them decide to quit with the series...were they not getting enough quality stories, mine included, to make up an anthology? And I've got thick skin... well sort of. *G*

You've really got it right though. Keep writing, check the work in the submission that was rejected, and then send it out again. Good luck and an awesome post!


Glsmeltr said...

Hi Crissy,

Wonderful blog!

Still one of you biggest fans and one who can actually say, "I knew her when!"

Well, virtually anyway...:)

Have a wonderful Christmas Hon and keep those books coming!

Kim Dare said...

Great post Crissy. It sounds like it's been a fantastic month for you.

You're right about rejections - fix any faults you see and send it back out to another publisher as soon as you can. There's a good home for every good story out there somewhere.

Congratulations on your upcomming releases.

Kim Dare.

Anonymous said...

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