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Priceless Holidays

With the holidays upon us it started me thinking of some of my fav holiday memories.

My niece’s first Christmas. She was afraid of the Christmas tree and thought we were all silly for making noises when we opened her gifts for her and sang carols.

The first year my niece understood what Christmas was. The joy on her face as she sung Christmas carols in church in that sweet voice. Then later when she opened gifts and her eyes got so big. She opened everyone gifts having fun ripping the paper.

The fist time in many years my family was all in one state to have thanksgiving together. We laughed, ate and talked. Being together was so special since it had been so long.

The last Christmas I spent with my mom. When we baked, prepared Christmas dinner and opened presents. The joy on her face, her laugh and her striking a posing in her red hat and robe.

All these memories are priceless to me. Each year I build priceless memories that I cannot buy anywhere to me that is the true meaning of the holidays. What are some of your priceless memories?

~Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Anonymous said...

My husband building the power ranger figure that needed all the power ranger figures including the white tiger for my son. It was also the last time it was built because once you had used all the figures there was no one to fight. LOL

Chris R