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Ryan Kwanten and other stuff...

If you’ve been watching True Blood on HBO, then you’ve already seen Ryan Kwanten. He plays Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s skirt-chasing, dumb yet not completely bad-hearted, ne’er do well brother. It’s been a while since I posted hunk pictures so I thought we were due, lol.

Just finished edits on a novel. It took me several days to finish because it’s so long, a super novel in length. It’s always a relief to finish edits and turn them in, especially now because I'm free to finish up revising Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat and turn that in. I'm excited about this latest installment in the White Tigers series because Quan Chan and Hiru have turned out to be so incredibly sexy with a beautiful sweet romance between them. I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging. That's totally not my intention. lol
Other than that, the exciting news is that a friend of mine is travelling with my stepdaughter in India now and yesterday they went to see the Taj Mahal. Now THAT is something worth seeing! Maybe someday I’ll get to go see it myself. The only other places I’d like to travel to and see at this point are Thailand and Japan. Maybe some day…

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