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A taste of Feral Heat, by Jude Mason and Jamie Hill

Feral Heat
The first book in the Untamed Heart Trilogy
Jude Mason and Jamie Hill
ISBN: 978-1-906811-14-3
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Release date: October 13. 2008
Contents: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter/ Ménage/ MMF



The scent of a female is a powerful thing. Kai, leader of the cougar clan finds that out the hard way, much to his distress. Can he and his life mate, Aric, find the stolen talisman before it's too late?

The female's scent is highly arousing, even to a cougar closely mated to his male partner. But Kai is no ordinary cougar. He's a changeling, sometimes a highly sexed human, and sometimes an even friskier cat. He mounts the seductive Sable, unaware of her mission and exactly what he's preparing to lose.

The talisman amulet has kept the cougar clan at peace for generations. When it's stolen Kai and his mate, the handsome Aric, set out on a journey to recover it. Meeting treachery and deception at every turn, the duo are forced to battle not only for the peace of the cougar clans, but for their very survival, and the life of their newfound love, Sable.


Reaching further forward, Kai grasped the thick shaft of his lover’s hard erection. It was long and full and felt as comfortable in his hand as his own cock. How many times had he stroked the turgid staff? Countless encounters spent milking creamy, warm seed from the engorged rod, each time trying to excite and please Aric a little more. Kai drained the heavy balls of their nectar often, occasionally sucking Aric to completion with his mouth, as he knew the man loved.

Usually Aric sucked him, and almost always raised his arse for his plundering, for Kai’s pleasure and his own. It wasn’t by Kai’s instruction, but more a matter of what pleased them both.

Right then, Kai desired to work out his frustration on Aric’s delightful bottom. Kai licked around the area hungrily, wetting it for the ride ahead. He sat back on his heels, stroking his own shaft firmly. A shot of saliva in his palm provided the lubrication, and he drove one finger into Aric’s eager arse. Well versed in their particular form of play, it didn’t take long for Aric’s anal muscles to loosen enough for a second finger to join the first. His groans of approval encouraged Kai to spread his digits wider then thrust them in and out. When he deemed the man ready, he withdrew his hand and slapped him lightly on the arse.

The tip of his engorged cock was already slick with pre-cum. He replaced his fingers with the crown of his cock, nudging into the nicely stretched hole.

Aric groaned, pressing his bum backwards.

“Patience, golden boy.” Kai swatted one arse cheek, continuing to push his cock forward, deeper. “I know, it feels so good. Your body surrounds and holds me like a silken cocoon.”

Another whimpering moan answered him and he revelled in the pleasure he was giving.

Kai chuckled, driving his manhood in to the hilt. His balls slapped flesh and they drew up, tingling. "That’s it. Yes, boy. Good…so very good.” He thrust repeatedly, his pace quickening, pushing in deep then pulling out to the rim. The sensation was exquisite. Kai’s balls churned with imminent climax.

He reached around and grasped Aric’s shaft. It throbbed, the head pulsing and sticky with pre-cum. Matching his thrusting movements with his hand, Kai coaxed Aric to join him in the climb towards nirvana.

His lover cried out a primal yowl and exploded, shooting ribbons of warm cream over Kai’s hand. Again Kai thrust himself in, and again was rewarded with a stream of his lover’s cum spurting in his palm. He milked the last of the nectar from Aric’s dripping cock before releasing it and grabbing his hips. Thrusting with pent up desire, Kai grunted, his own climax erupting. Pulsing heat poured from him into Aric’s tight channel, lubricating his arse further as Kai shuddered and shot the last of his seed.

Spent and sated, Kai pulled his cock from its tight embrace. He dropped face down on the bed, drawing Aric with him, an arm draped over his back.

Aric yawned. “Need to rest before our journey.”

“Rest. Journey.” The words were barely out of his mouth when Kai’s eyes closed. His head swirled with things he needed to do, but just then, he needed to sleep.

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Jamie Hill said...

OMG! How do you come up with such steamy sex scenes? Oh wait, was that me? hee hee hee

Thanks for blogging about our book, Jude. Rumour has it an excellent review is on it's way... so congrats on that!


(The evil one or the good one, I can't remember.)

Jude Mason said...

Jamie, you're insane, but I'm sure that's why we get along so well. This is an awesome book. I'm thrilled we decided to work together and I'm sure, one day soon, maybe, we'll get organized. I know, a terrifying thought, but it could happen.


(Hmm, the evil or good... depends on the day, dear)

Jamie Hill said...

Organized? Now that doesn't sound like very much fun...