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I'm going to be completely selfish with this blog, not speak of anything sexy, and focus on my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving!

Yeah, I know here in the States we still have a few weeks before Thanksgiving (I HATE the term"Turkey Day"), but why wait? When the leaves loose their green glamor and reveal their true colors, when the summer roses droop their lovely heads, when the song of the robin is but a memory, my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. No presents to buy. But weeks of building excitement all only for the culminating event to end in a family feud and an ugly reindeer sweater. No nasty multi-colored fingers (egg dye) that look like Rainbow Brite on a bad day. No burned hands and busted eardrums from the neighbor kid aiming a bottle rocked straight for you head.
For my family, it's all about the meal and, as it happens, I like cooking. Nothing in the world is easier than fixing a turkey, some stuffing, a little green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, canned cranberry sauce complete with ridges. Okay, I go a little nuts on the pumpkin pie - preferring to make mine from fresh pumpkins - but I LIKE doing that! Add some mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade bread, glazed carrots, salad, a few more pie selections and - Viola'! It's a feast fit to be thankful for. Seriously though, I think it's good to be thankful for what we have (even if you're just enjoying a simple meal of hamburger and fries) and in today's world, we need, at least I need, to step back every now and then to take stock of the goodness in my life.
Here's the main course. Simple, yet probably the most important. Family. Yeah, I've got a few crazies lurking up my family tree, that everyone does and they do keep life interesting. I alos have a really hot husband and two fabulous boys.
Health. I've had a few issues - asthma, screws in my leg, problem pregnancies, poor vision. Still, I can breath, walk, bore children, and have a spiffy pair of glasses.
Job. My "day job" as an educator is quite challenging and my books are not exactly best sellers, but I have a job and, on most days, enjoy it. All in all, life is good.
Here's the dessert. I have friends. People who want to be around be and whom I want to be around just because.
I have a little dog I love and adore.
I have books galore.
I have beautiful jewelry- some new and some family heirlooms - and shoes (yes, I am distracted by shiny things and high heels).
I live in a time when flush toilets and soap are common.
I have all my teeth.
And the most fun of all - I enjoy a real life, fabulous sex life AS WELL AS live vicariously through my characters!
I love Thanksgiving.


Lisabet Sarai said...

I agree. What better way to share your love than by cooking a delicious meal from scratch for everyone -- even the crazies!

jan springer said...

Happy Coming Soon Thanksgiving, Marie. :-)