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Travel Delight.

I love to travel, okay, correction, I love arriving at a new place I've never been to before, I don't always enjoy the journey. I am lucky, living in the UK because I have city, country and coast all on my doorstep. There is such a beautiful variety to the land over here it amazes me whenever I travel.

Now, recently I wrote about another Character who had discovered the beauty of the United Kingdom. Guy is an young American guy who's back packing around Europe. He started out in England and whilst he was visiting Manchester he met Janet. Janet is a business woman, she works hard and her career takes up every waking moment of her life until she bumps into Guy that is. She ends up calling in sick and racing to the train station to accompany Guy on the next leg of his journey. Here's a snippet of what happens between them when they board the train:

She took a shuddering, calming breath as the escalator carried her up into the heat and light of the glass-covered station. She looked up at the large bank of flashing destination boards and found the train bound for York. She looked at her watch and cursed. Only five minutes to go until departure.

Again, she weaved her way through people, glad that the platform was one of the ones on this side of the footbridge, and once she reached it, she saw him, and suddenly all her bravado left her.

She stopped. He’d not seen her yet. She could turn and get lost in the crowd. No one would ever know how foolish she’d been.

“Janet!” he yelled and waved at her. She smiled, though inside she whimpered and cursed her bad luck.

“Oh, hey, Guy.” She tried for nonchalance but managed only high-pitched nervousness.

“I’m so glad you made it. We’d better board. The train’s due to leave any minute.”

He caught her arm below the elbow and pulled her with him towards the train. She followed meekly, her heart thumping and her conscience screaming at her to run away. His touch overrode everything else. She wanted, no, needed to feel more of it.

The first compartment they walked into was packed so Guy led them on into a second and a third and finally a fourth, which contained one old man in a navy Mac and a young girl concentrating on the homework before her.

Guy stopped beside a set of four chairs and a table and swept his hand to the side, showing her to her seat. He took her suitcase and hauled it effortlessly into the overhead rack. His shirt lifted up high enough to reveal his tanned, hair-smattered stomach. Janet gasped but covered it with a fake cough then set to smoothing down the lines of her skirt.

“So, what changed your mind?” he asked and slipped into the seat beside her, trapping Janet between the window and his lithe body.

“I need an adventure,” she replied. “And you made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“Yeah, I do that.” He laughed, and Janet noted the redness of his cheek as he did. This sign of softness melted her heart.

“Did you enjoy Manchester?” she asked him as she settled into the journey.

“Sure, it was a cool town, and I met this gorgeous woman, too.”

“Oh yeah,” Janet laughed. “What was she like?”

“Well…” He leaned in close. “Between you and me, she was hot. I totally wanted to fuck her.”

“Oh.” She was flustered by the audacity of the revelation and his mouth so close to her skin. She looked away from him and out the window.

She didn’t have much experience with men, but she was pretty sure that Guy and his direct approach was unusual. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. This was utter madness, yet her heart wasn’t beating faster with fear. It was arousal that it pumped around her body. She could feel it bubbling through her veins or maybe it was just the sunlight through the window warming her skin as the urban streets and buildings began to melt away and craggy hills and green fields dominated the view.

“The view is amazing.” Guy’s voice broke into her thoughts and she looked from the window towards him. He was looking at her, not the view out of the window, and as their gazes met and melded, Janet stopped thinking and just reacted. She pressed her lips to his.

They were hot and hard, but they gave way like soft butter as the pressure from her lips built. His hand cupped her face, gently holding her in place, subtly taking charge. Their lips parted for a moment, and she drew a breath, a moment of panic hitting as her sensible side exerted itself. She had just kissed a stranger and passionately at that. But before she could pull from his touch or further think out things, his lips recaptured hers, and his tongue begged entrance to her mouth.

She surrendered once more, her mind disengaged, her lust aroused. His hand that still warmly cupped her cheek slipped to cup her head and tangle her hair in his fingers. Her hands moving from shocked compliance in her lap to active duty running up and down his chest. She traced his hard contours and openly moaned into his mouth.

You can read more from Janet and Guy as the travel to York, London and then Paris in Travel Delight, which is available from Total-E-Bound now. Link

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Lisabet Sarai said...

I love to travel, too. There's something about being away from home... you are free to explore your fantasies in a place where nobody knows you, and there are (perhaps) no consequences...