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A Virtual Tour of Bronwyn Green's Office

Welcome to my office, or as someone recently called it, The Cave of Wonders. It's busy and cluttered, but I love it. This is my desk - books, rocks, tarot cards, drafts of old manuscripts, art, candles - everything a busy writer needs. Oh yeah...and a computer, too.

My office doubles as my sewing room. I have an serious addiction to fabric. In fact, some would call me fabric whore. Unfortunately, I can't deny it.

This is one of the three bookcases in my office. I have more books than I have room for. (I'm also a book whore) I'd like to tell you I was organised...and neat...but clearly this isn't the case. Also pictured is my sewing dummy, Thelma who's wearing my favourite hand knit shawl.

This is the wall by the door. I'm particularly fond of the wall sculptures. My kids call them "The Butt People." The unframed print is by a very talented local artist named Gary Elderidge and the print is called The Muse of Art and Literature. It's absolutely beautiful up close - I wish I could get a better picture of it.

I've ended up with a lot of instruments in my office - some are mine, some not so much. The three hand drums, harp, dulcimer, recorder, trumpet and bamboo flute are mine. The two guitars, concert flute and violin are not. And they are in my office.

This is a gorgeous Victorian chemise that I rescued from a house that was scheduled to be destroyed back when I was in college. I wish I'd had the foresight to pry out the fireplace mantles and take the old glass doorknobs and other fixtures. Unfortunately, I didn't.
Anyway, this is my little chaos corner. Hope you enjoyed the tour. :)


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Ooooh, serious office envy, Bronwyn!

Kim Dare said...

Looks like a great place to work. Lots of different things to inspire you all around the room.

I agree by the way - you can never how too many books or too much fabric.

Cait said...

It's so ... clean...

I lurf you, whore.

sterlingwriter said...

Did you clean up your office? Come on, I know you did.
Thanks for sharing.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Bronwyn, you've got some fascinating stuff to inspire you. I love the chemise. It's almost as if you have a ghost watching over you. said...

What a really neat office! It looks quite inspirational with all the stuff you have. Love the butt people. lol

Thanks for the tour. It was great!



Caley Greene said...

I love your office! Nope, you can never have to much fabric or books.

Guilty of office envy here.