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Wonder Woman I Am Not

Wonder Woman I am not. I am a writer, a mother, and a wife. I used to work in the corporate world, and a decade ago I was in the armed forces, completely separate from the domestic stresses I face now, from day to day.

I don't have to deal with the problems many working mothers do. Instead, I'm at home raising my children, and I'm thankful I'm able to do this. However, I'm one of those people who do better when they have too much to do. Managing my downtime is a task I struggle with daily.

The television beckons, as do chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes when my son naps, I nap with him when I should be writing. So to make up for my lapses, I stay up way too late writing and am a nightmare the next day. My creativity spent behind exhaustion and bad humor.

Wonder Woman would laugh at my ineptness. She'd play with the kids, fix them nutritious meals, keep a clean house (ha! can't manage that one no matter how hard I try) and write novels upon novels in her spare moments.

I get frustrated because I have so many ideas but so little time in which to pen them. You'd think staying at home would give me the space I need to write, but I can't tune out noise. My kids are still little, and when they don't get the proper attention they can become little monsters. Case in point, they were playing so nicely this morning while my husband was outside working on his boat and I was down here typing. Except ten minutes ago, my 3-yr old walked in apologizing up and down carrying a broken picture frame. His forehead was covered in permanent blue marker, to which the 5-yr old adamantly denied forcing said mark on him. Note the 5-yr old has his own mark of valor/trouble on his head, in red marker.

Staying at home allows me the ability to be closer to my family, but when I had to balance work and family, I got more done on my downtime, knowing I had less of it. Now I have to struggle to not procrastinate, because I very well could do something tomorrow instead of today.

Wonder Woman never had a hair out of place. Right now I could scare small and big children. I need a shower. I need to exercise and lose XX number of pounds. I should be writing today to finish a manuscript before the holidays descend and my mother arrives next month. My mother. That means I'll be cleaning the house like a mad woman for the next two weeks before she arrives, since my husband thinks its his job to undo whatever cleaning I actually do.

Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe I'm actually in my Diana Prince mode right now, worrying about the little things when I should spin around faster than the eye can see and turn into my own Wonder Woman. Time enough talking, now I need doing. Myself, the house, the family, the writing. It can be done. It will be done... just as soon as I grab a cup of coffee.

Ah yes, and now my wonder powers are restored.

Marie Harte
Guardian's Redemption, now avail from TEB

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