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Writing it for Themselves!

I’ve noticed that people can be a bit sniffy about Romantic books in general and Erotic Romantic books in particular. The press seems to allow male escapism in shape and form of James Bond and the like, but sneer at Women’s fantasies. Is this literary snobbery or is this something deeper at play here.

For the last hundred years women in the West have struggled to throw off their shackle to become not only equal to men in the work place but to stand up and be counted a people in their own right. This struggle is not yet over but in most of the English speaking world women have control over their own lives, as far as it is humanly possible, so why is it when women are accepted in the all careers and levels of society do they still keep having to apologise for reading Erotic fiction?

As one who has lived through the sexual revolution of the sixties and the economic ones of the seventies and eighties and who had a fully rounded career, I would argue that Erotic Romance of the sort TEB brings to millions of women all over the world is the ultimate expression of Women’s lib.

Equality isn’t just about going to university or having the same pay as your male colleagues it about being able to express your sexuality— in all its forms and fantasies –without apology.

We have to stand up and say, ‘yes’, we love to become the heroines in our books and be carried to castles by bare-chested heroes, be make love to all night and in every position know to man.

We should shout, unashamed that, yes, we do want to image being stripped naked, inspected intimately and sold on an auctioneers block to yet another bare-chested hero who’ll take us back to his tent and make to us all night and in every position know to man.

And finally there is nothing wrong with pretending we are blindfolded and tied up only to find that all the feathers and riding crops have been applied by a bare-chested hero who will….well, you know the rest.

As far as I am concerned the ultimate expression of liberation is Erotic Romance where Sisters are Writing it for Themselves!

Ellie Tremayne

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