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Alberta~ Canada's oil rich province. For the next few months~ the coldest of the year~ temperatures with wind chill often -50C, is when the rigs work flat out.

And it looks as though my husband is going to be a part of this culture again this winter. He had a job with Canadian Pacific Railway but for some reason their work has slowed and the company was forced to lay-off two dozen men. Odd how the bills never lay off. So, my hubby is headed up North for weeks on end~ 12-14 hour days in the cold~ to pay the bills.

While he does that I continue to work at Canada's largest bookstore~ Chapters~ and maybe with the quiet of days off I can get back to my neglected writing.

Course, when the old man gets home for a break I won't be doing much except spending quality time with him!

Happy Holidays to all and to all many a warm and sexy night!


marie haynes said...

Happy Holidays to you as well - and good luck. I just spent last month working 14 hour days - but inside! It's no fun, but neither are the bill collectors. Hang in there. I wish you the best of luck.

Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

Thank you!!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Well, at least your hubby is likely to have a white Christmas! Very warm holiday wishes to you both!