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Anything could happen!

I'm one of those obsessively organised people who make lists and spread sheets about everything.

I know how many words I've written every day for the last two years, I keep track of how many days it takes me to edit a story, I have a database of all the story ideas I haven't written yet.

I plan things out.

But, one of the most exciting things about writing, my favourite thing of all, is the blank sheet of paper. I love sitting down at my desk and starting a new project, because there aren't any limits on what could happen in that new story.

Anything could happen, and I love that feeling.

I find New Years Eve has something of the same quality. It's a new year, a fresh start, the begining of something - it's a blank page waiting to be written on.

And at that one moment on New Years Eve, anything could happen next.

I'll make a list of new years resolutions, most of which won't happen. (I've had - be able to do the splits written on my list for the last five years, and I haven't managed it yet!) And I'll make lots of plans for 2009, almost all of which will be re-written by the end of January.

What will actually happen in 2009 is a mystery, and for all my planning, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Twelve months ago, I never thought I'd be where I am right now. I had this crazy idea that I wanted to have a story accepted for publication in 2008. That was it - my big goal for the year - One story sent off and someone saying yes to it. My editor just accepted my 10th story.

I didn't really expect to have anything on sale this year either. But that happened too. The Gift was released this month.

Christmas day may have come and gone, but for me Christmas lasts until January 5th when my Christmas decorations come down. And, as a very famous man once wrote in his book: "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." So it's not certainly to late to share another excerpt of my Christmas title, based on the same idea of Christmas Spirits - in this case on the Spirit of Christmas past.

I really enjoyed writing Charles and Nicky's story (so much so I'm incredibly tempted to write another story about them for next year...) and if you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it too.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas, if you celebrate it or not.

Here's a bit about the book.


If Charles prefers leather to tinsel, that’s okay. Nicky is still sure he can teach his master to love Christmas – with the aid of a perfect gift.

Just because Charles doesn’t see any point in making a fuss about Christmas, that doesn’t mean he can’t tolerate Nicky’s passion for tinsel and holly. He’s never forbidden his pet from enjoying any of his Christmas traditions and he thinks that’s enough.

Nicky has one ambition – to give his master a perfect Christmas. He’s willing to do anything to make that happen – even if it means taking risks and asking his master for special privileges - even if that means inviting a third man into their bed.

The Spirit of Christmas Past isn’t used to visiting Christmases that involve quite so much nudity, passion or kinky sex. Leading a dominant man like Charles through the Christmases isn’t easy – and keeping his eyes off the frequently naked Nicky is impossible. Still, all the spirit can do is enjoy the show – because his job is to bring lovers together and fade away inconspicuously. That’s the plan. However, if someone suddenly wants to thank him, who is he to say no?

New Excerpt:

Nicky looked around the room. “Stupid.” He shook his head at himself, knowing he should have broken Charles into the idea more slowly. Nicky wandered back across to the tree. He picked up a bauble from the box and hung it on the end of a branch. He frowned at the gleaming ball of glass.

“Beautiful,” Charles said.

Nicky turned to see his master once more standing in the doorway, now dressed in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt and looking infinitely more pleased with the world. Nicky’s face lit up with a beaming smile. He offered Charles one of the fancy purple baubles.

Charles laughed. “Not the tree, pet, you.”

Nicky blushed, half at the compliment and half at the mistake.

Charles took the decoration anyway. He twirled the bauble around his finger, watching it catch the light from the dozens of fairy lights already on the tree. He hung it on a branch.

Nicky offered him another one from the box.

Charles took that one too.

He stepped closer to Nicky, pressing his clothed body against his bare back. Charles barely looked at the bauble before he hooked it onto an empty branch.

Nicky gave him another. Charles leaned against Nicky’s body to reach a higher branch. His free hand settled on Nicky’s waist. As he straightened, pulling Nicky back to lean against his chest, his hand slid around his pet’s body.

He was already half hard, responding as rapidly as he always did to the change in his master’s mood. Charles wrapped his hand around Nicky’s cock and took up a slow, stroking rhythm.

Nicky gasped. A bauble dropped from his fingertips, bouncing on the thick carpet. Charles turned him around. Trapping his erection between them, he pulled Nicky in close for a deep kiss.

Their lips moulded together until Nicky whimpered and pressed against his master, desperate for more than a kiss. As Charles trailed his lips along his jaw line to his ear, Nicky trembled in his arms. Charles slid his hands over Nicky’s bottom, massaging the tight muscles in his grip. Nicky felt his master’s cock rapidly stiffening against him.

Charles might not be over enamoured with his decorating, but there were some things Charles always liked. Sliding his fingers along his cleft, Charles smiled against Nicky’s ear when he found he was all lubed up and ready for him.

“Expecting company, pet?”

“I always like to be ready for my master,” Nicky whispered.

*End of excerpt*

Thanks for reading everyone.

If you'd like to read a longer excerpt, you can do that here.

Or you can read a fantastic review of the story here.

I also have a website here.

And a blog here.

Take care everyone,

Kim Dare.

Kink, love and a happy ending.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Here's hoping that the new year brings you new accomplishments, Kim!

And even more, true happiness.


Kim Dare said...

Thanks, Lisabet.

Hope you have a great New Year's celebration and an even more fantastic 2009.

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