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The Christmas Countdown

I can’t believe it is Christmas next week. Where did the year go? Whew. Well I’m in Christmas countdown mode. Making sure I have all my list and checking them twice (grin) Hey Santa isn’t the only organization junkie out there. I have a few new additions to my list this year. New babies in the family and family significant others. New friends and so on. I made sure I shopped early this year. Got it all done.

Ah… I love Christmas. I took a walk the other day to see all the pretty lights and decorations. Sigh that’s when I realized I hadn’t gotten a tree. LOL. So much for the lists. Made a quick stop got tree and new decorations. Well off to finish my last minute Christmas Countdown things. Have a Happy Holidays and I will see you all in the new year.


~Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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