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I am sending everyone very warm Happy New Year Wishes!!! I hope your holidays were wonderful and full of love.

I personally am not big on New Year Resolutions…If you want to do something! Do it! Why wait for the New Year. Also I have never kept a resolution so maybe that’s why I’m not big on them!!! LOL!

However! I do set goals. When 2008 started my dad and I decided it was time to get serious and start sending out submissions. I was the type that started one book after another but never finished. So I got serious and sat down and finished my first story. I sent three submissions out in 2008…and as you can guess not only did I send out Savage Love but I got a contract and it was released in October 2008!!!!

I set a goal for 2009 that I would have 5 books out and published! So far I have contracts for four so one more and I will have my goal accomplished for 2009! My dad (laughing) tells me I need to add to my goal but I’m happy with it. If I am lucky enough to have more then that would just be an extra bonus.

I am still waiting for my dad to send out his…

My advice to aspiring authors is pretty much what I told myself…SEND IT OUT!!! I consider myself truly blessed that I found a home with Total-E-Bound. I love everyone here and believe this was the place meant for me.

2009 is starting on a very high note with my next book Seduced By The Neighbour scheduled for release on March 2nd! So I raise a glass to you all…Let this year ROCK!

If you haven’t read Savage Love my book from The Halloween Bite Me Stories here’s a little of what you’re missing…

Moving to her side Alex lifted a strawberry to her mouth and Kelly took a delicate bite. "I love this mouth." He said before taking possession of it. The strawberry that was still in her mouth was transferred to his and she laughed when he pulled away.

Thumbing her nipples through the soft material of the old shirt he pulled a moan from her.

"Let’s get more comfortable." He told her a moment before he pulled the shirt over her head.

Kelly moved to her knees and Alex pulled the sweats off her hips. Once she was naked she helped him removed his shirt and jeans. Climbing onto his lap she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

"Kelly." Alex pushed the hair from her neck placing small sweet kisses.
Leaning back she met his eyes. They were serious and his emotions making them swirl. "What is it Alex."

"I want you to stay. Here with me."

Kelly looked at him seeing he was serious. "We barely know each other Alex."

"I know I’ve never felt this way before. I know I fought it for a year and you still consume every thought. I’m in love with you Kelly."

"Alex." Kelly spoke softly unsure what she would say.

"Mate with me." He asked taking her mouth in a deep sensual kiss.

Kelly returned the kiss putting the feelings she couldn’t put into words in the kiss.

Alex laid her down moving against her. As he rubbed his swollen cock against her juices he moaned at the sensations. Kelly opened for him and he slipped into her wetness filling her.

Kelly arched her back taking Alex further deeper. He moved in slow deep thrusts filling not only her body but her heart and soul.

"Alex." She whispered and he leaned over kissing her deeply.

The natural rhythm began to pick up as entered her then pulled out to slam into her again.

With her legs around Alex’s waist and her feet crossed Kelly lifted her hips to meet each stroke.

Alex felt sweat break out on his forehead but he kept his stroke deep and slow. Kelly moved with him pulling him in and holding him only to release him and repeat. She was his everything.

When her breath started coming out in pants and her eyes closed with pleasure he let his canines lengthen and he brushed them against her neck. She shivered as he scraped the skin and when he bit into her she cried out exploding around him. Milking him of his own release sucking his essence into her.
Crissy Smith
Letting the WILD out...


Lisabet Sarai said...

Happy New Year, Crissy, and congratulations on your successes in 2008.

Kim Dare said...

Happy New Year, Crissy!

Congratulations on your contracts. Maybe they be the first of many more to come your way in 2009!

Crissy said...

Thank you ladies! can't wait to what the new year will bring! From all of us!!!