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A bit of a author's world

I was truly in a quandary this month about what to do for the TEB blog. Writing’s going well, kids are good, husband’s just about finished all the tests he’s supposed to do and is fine. I wandered the yard, which I often do when I’m ‘thinking’ and still nothing came. I then asked a good friend and he suggested I tell you a little about my world here, the sights and sounds inspire me. Good plan, at least I thought so.

Here goes.

As some of you know, I’m on the west coast of Canada—actually, I’m completely off the coast on an island. Not more than five blocks from my house is the ocean and after last nights snowfall, this is what it looks like.That’s where I go when I just want to forget people and the phone, traffic, bills, you know, stuff. I could sit on a log and watch the water for hours, and have done on occasion.

Cruise ships sail by in the summer and early fall, and what tales could come from that. We have a fishing fleet and whales, dolphin and sea lions, changelings if I wanted to go that way.

Always, watching the ocean, I’ll see bald eagles perched in trees lining the water’s edge.

Such majestic scavengers! There are seals and sea lions just off shore or on the rocks at low tide. The fisherman’s worst nightmare. They’ll tear into a seine net and scatter or eat an entire set of salmon. Even the sporties would rather not see them when they’re fishing. I’ve had fish taken right off the hook and a seal burp minutes later. I can smile at that, but if you make a living off the water, it’s not so funny. But, again, there’s a story there.

In the fall, there are bears lining the riverbeds scooping up the spawning salmon. Changelings… you bet. In the brush not far from them, you’ll see a buck with his antlers still in velvet… another changeling?

Could be!

I have mountains and forests within easy driving distance, all fodder for my stories, backgrounds or inspiration for plots.

A walk in the woods surrounding me can bring me to fields of brilliant pink Fireweed

or the frightening Devils Club tucked away in the deep woods. There’s so much to inspire and so much to be thankful for here: fresh air, clean water and an abundance of wildlife that will never cease to amaze me.

Yet, I sometimes wonder about the more cultured things of our human society, operas, plays, symphonies and museums. More stories, more inspirations that I can only dream about. That’s where imagination comes in and research. But, that’s also another blog idea, I have stories to write now.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into the world of a westcoast Canada author and will visit me in my writings soon.


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Jamie Hill said...

I always think it's interesting to take a peek into your world. The pictures are lovely and your stories are so interesting!

Thanks for sharing.



Ray said...

You make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest. I especially love the pictures of the waves and the ferry. The sea and ships have been a part of my life until I retired for over forty years.

Here the oceanfront is about ten miles away, fifteen by road. The ships are twenty miles away in the opposite direction. I don't get to either often, but when I get the chance to see a ship leaving for ports unknown I want to be on it. I miss the sea.

All the pictures are so beautiful. I wish I were there.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Beautiful photos, Jude! Thank you for sharing a bit of your life.