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Interesting ways to celebrate the holidays

And no, I'm not talking about decorastions or food.
It always amazes me what I find running around the INternet.
While I was noodling around looking for something interesting to share with everyone, I decided to do some research on sex and the holidays. Do you know there are organizations that sell what they call a cure for holiday despress? And I don't mean happy pills. For a big fat fee, they will arrange a twenty-four hour party for you with the woman (or man) of your choice, complete with lucurious hotel suite, champagne, and in one case even a stripper to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Friends Finding Friends will arrange group "sharing" parties for you, at your home or at one of the "deliciously isolated cabins" they own. You and five of your "most intimate friends" can chase away the holiday blues in a hot tub under the stars and try out the variety of "toys" they supply. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! LOL!

I found a place where someone will come to your home and give you a champagne bath dressed as Santa Claus; where elves will come to your house to give you a massage and finish with a strip routine; where you can take a tour of five different countries with a gorgeous female or male at each stop dressed in the Christmas apparael of that country and guaranteed yo bring you exotic treats and erotic pleasure.

I even found a sight that reaches out to latent doms and submnissives and offers a "holiday special" - a week of training at their private resort. Gee, could you send someone a gift certificate for that?
And then there is the tour of Thailand which includes air fare, hotel accommodations, bar hopping and "delightful girls to entertain you." A broadening travel experience, their web page assures the reader.
They all sound wickedly delicious, and I've already made notes for future books (or just read SWINGTIME out in 2009), but here at home we have our own recipe for chasing the holiday blues. We are empty nesters, and before our family descends for the holidays, we always plan a special night, with wine, music, get the picture. It's a tradition for us. It certainly gets my creative juices flowing and rings in the holiday seaason with a bang.

So tell me what you do for the holiday season to spice up your life? I'd love to hear from all of you.

Oh, and one more thing. In January I'll give you a sneak peak of THE EDGE OF MORNING, the first in my series The Sentinels, about a security agency where everyone is a shape shifter and whifts to wolf form. I'm nearly finished with the seconsd book, NIGHT MOVES.


Crissy said...

Don't you just love what you can find on the internet? Well most of the time anyway!

Well since my annivesary is the 22nd of December its alreday kind of a romantic holiday but last year my in-laws took our daughter and sent us to a hotel for two night.

Ahhh, we hardly left the room (if you know what I mean) it was perfect!

One thing about the hoidays for me is that it means its the end of the in the next year I have so much to look foward too...or I know it couldn't be worse. So I really look forward to them!

Crissy Smith

letting the WILD out

Ashley Ladd said...

I had no idea all that was available for Christmas. It certainly opens possibilities...

Ashlyn Chase said...

Oh, if only we weren't having a recession! Lots of ideas, Judith. *smiles


Lisabet Sarai said...

Somehow I can't imagine trusting somebody else to set up my sex parties...!

Xmas has never been a sensually-oriented holiday for me.

Now New Years -- well, that's another matter. There's a lot you can do with champagne!

Kim Dare said...

So many ideas for next years Christmas stories!

You can just imagine what fun a character could have if they got that sort of gift certificate in time for the holidays *Grin*