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Why I love Christmas.

I love this time of year, and I’m taking some time between baking cakes for my daughter’s school party to share my seasonal enthusiasm with you. Here are 5 reasons I love Christmas and the period of time leading up to the big day.

1. Lights and Decorations.

I love to see the Christmas lights going up on people’s houses and the Christmas trees appearing in windows. I love all the tacky, crazy, bright coloured tat and Santa’s, snowmen and nativities can be found all round my home.

2, Christmas Carols and Songs.

I love them all. Be it “God rest ye merry gentlemen’ or “I wish it could be Christmas every day.” You’ll hear me singing along. I adore festive music and it fills me with such joy and happiness and anticipation. I’m a sucker for a good song.

3, Presents.

Not receiving them necessarily, though I love that too, but buying them and making them. I’ve made a lot of my presents this year and I’ve loved every minute of it and I feel such pride when I’m wrapping the finished product. Oh and the wrapping, yes, I love that too. I always save some for Christmas Eve as it puts me well and truly in the festive spirit.

4, Baking.

Especially baking my Christmas cake, Christmas puddings and Mince pies. I also make loads of gingerbread snowmen for the church fair and sponge cakes for the school party and I love it. Baking is relaxing and enjoyable and It’s even better when the item being baked smells of Christmas. I love festive baking!

5, Christmas Spirit.

No, I don’t mean brandy, I mean the caring and sharing that goes on especially at Christmas when people do things for others because they want to. It’s in a person buying an extra present and giving it to a charity who hands out gifts to the disadvantaged, it’s people who bake extra treats and takes them to the old dear who lives down the road, it’s all the kindness that warms your heart at Christmas.

And because I’m feeling that Spirit now, I’m going to give you all a treat, an excerpt from my upcoming release –The Festive Handbag. It’s a hot one, too, so hold on to your hats!
First, here’s the blurb so you can get a feel for the story:

A designer handbag is all she wants but he desires domination this Christmas. When Patrick breaks up from his girlfriend on Christmas eve he is faced with another Christmas spent all alone. But then he meets Kelly. She is curvy, confident and happily plays Mistress making Patrick’s Christmas dreams come true.

But will he be able to fulfil her kinky fantasy in return?

Here’s that hot quote I promised you, enjoy and Merry Christmas!

“It was certainly a surreal experience, preparing a turkey in nothing but my t-shirt and a plain black pinny. It had its advantages though. Every time I bent down, Kelly’s hand would cup a buttock or give me a playful slap. I was in a state of low, rumbling arousal through all the preparations.

“Right,” she said. “Shall we go and see what’s on the telly? I’ll come back and put that veg on in an hour or so. We might be eating dinner a touch late but never mind.”

“I’m sure we’ll have worked up quite an appetite by then.” I grinned.

“Well, you certainly will, boy.” She winked. “I have plans for you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied with a lick of my lips. I still detected a faint hint of her taste mingled with mine, and my cock hardened in response.

“Follow me,” Kelly commanded, so I did. She had lovely long legs, curvy and sensuous, and I was hypnotised by their movement as she walked.

“Sit at my feet.”

I didn’t even hesitate. I just sat on the floor with my back to the sofa beside her legs.

“Good boy,” she cooed and ruffled my hair. I felt cherished in that moment and felt a tear well in my eye. I’d never felt such affection in such a simple action, and it seemed just a tad ironic that I felt so treasured in what many would think of as a demeaning situation.

“Boy?” Kelly inquired.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Give my feet a rub, will you? They’re tired.”

“Certainly, Mistress.”

I repositioned myself so that her foot was cradled in my lap and gently began to rub at the sole. Her toes were short and neatly spaced, her foot long and incredibly soft for a lady who spent a large amount of time on her feet every day in her job. I said nothing. I remembered my role, and I continued to massage. It elicited groans and whimpers of pleasure from Kelly’s lips.

I looked up and followed the line of her sexy legs. Her t-shirt had rucked up around her waist, and as she relaxed, her legs lolled apart. I had a beautiful view of her moist pussy, and my cock responded by thickening and bumping against the sole of her foot.

“Oh, boy, you’ve got my foot sticky. Lick it clean.”

I don’t think I actually did, but I looked up, and she was smiling wickedly down on me, the arousal obvious in her eyes. I kept my gaze fixed to hers as I lifted her foot in my hands and extended my tongue to lap up and down the soft sole of her foot. She gasped lightly then groaned as my tongue traced her toes. Her eyes closed, and she flopped back on the sofa as I lapped.

She tasted salty but unmistakably feminine as I swirled my tongue over and under her toes. Instinct took over, and I found myself plugging her big toe into my mouth. I sucked on it like a tasty boiled sweet, and a scream exploded from her lips. She encouraged me to suck all the harder.

I couldn’t hold myself back, and my lips slipped up to her ankle. I anticipated the sharp command to stop, but it never came. So I continued to climb the slippery slopes of her gorgeous calf, pausing to lazily run my tongue over the sweet dent in the back of her knee. Kelly giggled uncontrollably, and I moved higher before she could tell me to stop. I needed to taste her.”

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Victoria,

What's a pinny? (We poor Yankees want to know!)

Sounds like a fun read...

Very happy holidays to you!