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WINNING MOLLY -- Here's how to beat the winter blues!

Her bike was parked in the sand by his beach house, but when Win Coulter catches up with Molly at the water’s edge and accuses her of trespassing, she wants much more from him than the right to walk on the beach. Win is happy to comply with her request for hot wild sex, but he quickly becomes both lover and protector when Molly and her father are threatened.

Grab a copy of “Winning Molly” when it’s released on January 12th. There’s nothing better than hot sex at the beach when winter weather gets you down!

I’m also having a contest and it’s soooo easy to enter. Just drop me an email at and tell me the name and location of your favorite beach. (No, you don't have to tell me if you had hot sex on that beach!) I’ll post the entries on my website – -- and on January 12, (hint: release date) I’ll draw a winner from those entered. No thinking involved! It’s easy.

The prize? Well, considering I’m going to the beach over holiday, I’ll find something totally appropriate for the winner; or maybe something really cheesy.

To whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt from “Winning Molly”:

She turned in his arms, lifting her hands to frame his face, pulling him down until their mouths touched. The kiss was torrid; sucking his breath from his body and leaving him wanting more.

He could feel a desperate need in her kiss. The hot essence of sexual desire poured over him, drowning him in that need. They were strangers, yet each wanted what the other seemed more than willing to give.

Clothes flew. He thought he heard cloth rip but neither of them slowed. The instant bare, hot skin touched he knew this was going to be a quick, hard fuck. He was too turned on; she was too needy.

He started to pick her up to carry her to the bedroom. Instead, she lifted her leg to his hip, sliding her calf along his ass to urge him closer. When he palmed her soft butt cheeks, she lifted the other leg, locking her ankles at the small of his back.

“If that’s the way you want it,” he murmured, shuffling toward the closest wall. When he felt her back touch, he lifted her hips, his cock unerringly finding her hot opening. He slammed into her and stopped, groaning with the wet heat of her. She was tight, her muscles adjusting to his size and then squeezing around him in welcome.

No foreplay, no seduction. No casual hints that he wanted to fuck her and no demure hesitation on her part. Just slam me up against the wall and fuck me sex.

His male ego was exalting in her need for him, even if his intellectual self questioned whether any cock would have satisfied her. With every hard thrust into her willing body, his intelligence receded into the background until only his ego remained.

Fuck her. Give her what she wants. Do it.

With a cry she climaxed and Win shoved up into her and stilled, letting the spasms clutch around him. He gritted his teeth and concentrated on not coming, but she felt so fucking good!
Hell no, his ego said, enjoy the pleasure. Wait her out, then give her more.

He watched her face; her eyes closed and her lips curved. Her tongue came out to lick her lips and he bent closer to kiss her. Soft lips opened beneath his assault and he deepened the kiss, tongues touching, exploring until his cock jerked inside her.

His control became nonexistent.

Win cupped her ass and carried her to his bedroom, lowering them both to the mattress without sliding free. His cock was so hard and long it wasn’t going anywhere, at least not until it was satisfied.

As he settled between her legs, she unlocked her ankles and planted her feet on the bed, pushing upward.

“You want more?” he asked, gently lifting a lock of silky hair off her face and smoothing it across his pillow.

“You haven’t finished.”

He grinned at the concern in her voice. Sensitive woman to have noticed. “Believe me, I’m having fun. It’s early yet.”
It’s a Win-Win situation!
“Winning Molly – January 12th!


Kim Dare said...

Fantastic excerpt, Bobbie! The book sounds fantastic.

You've conjured up a lot of old memories of times spent on the beach.

I can't remember how to spell the name of my all time favourite, but I do recall it's nickname was bare-bum-bay - that probably says more about it than the original Welsh name, lol.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Wonderful excerpt, Bobbie. I really like the hero's momentary suspicion that any cock would have satisfied her. A nice touch of psychological reality.

Happy New Year!