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WRiter Bonds

Hey Folks,

It’s December and this time of year we celebrate Christmas, Yule and other holidays that remind us of being grateful for others in our lives. As writers, we practice our craft mostly in solitude. But our support systems, those other authors, readers, friends who support us make this worthwhile.

Back in July, I did an interview at RWA Nationals with Treva Harte, Diane Whiteside and Kate Douglas, three talented writers and great human beings. But all three of them appeared thick as thieves, which was hilarious to watch. Especially cause Treva’s short and cute LOL!

But I wonder, who are your supporters? I have Stephanie Burke, Cyn Tregarth and Nikita Gordyn, who while is not an actual writer, is just about the best person to bounce ideas off in my world. I also have Morgan Hawke, who talks to me, mentors me through the pain of writing and in general pushes me.

These people, our support system as writers are integral. Without them, we’d still probably write, but what would become of us when we freak the fuck out? Do any of you remember when I posted on my Radio Dentata blog about how I freaked out over a story I had written that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to? Nik was there, so was Stephanie Burke. Both of them understood what my beta readers could not. You did read that blog didn’t you? *Glares*
I created something I wasn’t happy with and didn’t know how to fix it.

Only someone who knows your pain and understands it from the same viewpoint can be of serious use to you. This isn’t to suggest that others can’t help. My significant other tries her best, but damnit she’s just not capable of getting my made up anguish to the fullest extent like another writer is. In turn, I can’t understand her pastry secrets so we’re about on par.

My other writer friends who are my support system don’t berate me about my habits. In fact, one of them justifies my drinking LOL!

My other writer friends understand that I’m on deadline for the publisher of this blog haha! Ting is though, my other writer friends also understand the commitment I’ve made to this craft because I respect it as well as they do.

I guess since this has pretty much seemed like a giant thank you to them, I’ll just say it. Thank you to my support group of authors who push me, appear in most if not every dedication, etc. Make sure you thank your support system.


Glsmeltr said...

Great post and yes, I agree. Support groups and systems are critical, especially when your work is of a solitary nature.

Feedback, understanding, and just someone to bounce ideas, thoughts and frustrations off of is important and vital.

And no, at the time I did not understand why you didn't like that story.

Now, I do, because there is something I have been working on in my field that will probably never be right.....or worthy of who it is intended for. :)

Again, great post!

Anonymous said...

There should have been more brutality! She's brutal baby! LOL!

Thanks :)

Kim Smith said...

Well said, Sasha. I blog with three other suspense/mystery writers over at Murderby4 and I have to thank them for all they do for me. I did so publicly, and like you, would recommend to all writers to do likewise. It's important to establish these bonds. More important to nourish them!

Jude Mason said...

A very interesting post, Sas and I totally understand how you must have been upset when your story didn't follow your guide. I've had that happen a time or two, had characters litterally refuse to do what I had planned for them. Did I tell anyone? Yes, but not my husband or friends. I told my support group, the authors who I knew would understand and be able to offer me suggestions as to what the hell was going on and how to get round it. I did finish that book and the character was right.

Awesome post!


Anonymous said...

Thank both of you for commenting :) The support groups are paramount to my writing career as I am sure they are to yours :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

My support group consists largely of people I've never met in meat space. It's amazing how close I feel to them. I'm very grateful for my writing community.

I also understand that it has to be reciprocal. I believe in writer's karma. You get back what you give.

Excellent post, Sascha!