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And it was fear of myself....

Hi All!

So Im excited to be posting here now, as Audra and I are now part of the illustrious group of TEB authors! We have placed our Knossos West Weresnake Novella's here, three of them, and we are SOOOOO excited about this! I cant wait till April, when the first of the series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams, comes out.

And I wanted to talk today about something near and dear to both Audra and I, and it has to do with our books: FEAR or more importantly, irrational fears.

Audra and I are not without them, but they stem from a place of more fantasy then anything else. Me? Im afraid of the Gingerbread Man. I kid you not. The holidays are a special kind of horror for me, though since I have 'gone public' in the family about said fears they dont make them anymore. Why am I afraid of the Gingerbread Man? Not one clue, but he freaks me out. Always has.

Audra? Audra is dead scared of wall people, and that troll that is in the Cats Eye movie. Yes, that thing that steals childen's breath in the night, and cats get blamed for. Irrational I know, but the fear is there.

See, I get these fears, things you dont understand that are not tangible, but are from nightmares. I get it, and I accept it. I kinda have to, Im one of those irrational fears people. What I dont get are people that are scared of REAL things.

Like, for instance, snakes. (ah ha... see where this is going?) Snakes are not scary. Snakes are sensual creatures that are smart and sexy. They arent slimey, they arent mean (unless you find one in the wild, in which case, watch out) and they are used in more sexual rites around the world then any other animal.

So I dont understand women getting all freaked about snakes. Many say, "oh they are slimey, and oh they bite." Well on the whole that is not true. You say they are slimey, I say no. Snakes feel like silk when you touch them. You like silk dont you? You say they bite? Ok, that might be true of some, but any majority of snakes that are domesticated are actually quite tame.

So this is why we have chosen to write about snakes. To make the reading public at large aware that scales are the new fur. Snakes arent overly violent, have their own rules and dont fight for dominance. Oh and they dont smell like wet dog when they have been out in the rain too long. They also don't cock their legs and piss on what they consider theirs. So what do snakes do? they are matriarchal, they are highly sexual and don't fight for dominance. Their lives are more like humans, oversexed, and highly erotic people, and less like the pack mentality of the werewolves and cats. Yes, they mate for life, and no, they don't leave a mess when they eat (which we dont go into too much detail with). Like Humans, they have jobs live in society and enjoy their comforts, but they also have to hunt once a month to keep their snake side content. Do they need the moon to trigger a change? Nope. they can at will, and they are sentient while in both forms. Whats scary about that? Nope gimme a snake any day, wolves shed all over the furniture.

So.. Now that I have your attention, Im going to leave you with an excerpt for Beyond the Visions of Dreams. Read and Enjoy!:

It was well past eleven when Remy drove up the mile-long drive to the compound, shattered from the day’s events at the studio. The band, Cat Scratch, was beyond difficult when it came to sound and takes and his near fifteen-hour session with the four women. All he wanted now was a shower and a good hard fuck. Since the latter was well out of his reach, he figured a cold shower would have to do.

With his day so full, he had hardly had time to breathe let alone think about his morning and the woman he’d met. It was true his mind had been fully on her as he’d driven the ten miles from the end of the driveway to the business district of town and his studio, or more importantly, not on her as a whole but on the curve of her hip, the rosy lips, perfect breasts, long legs and bright green eyes, but as he’d entered the studio and had begun his day, thoughts of her had quickly evaporated. At this point of the night, his memory was completely fried.

The house was quiet as a tomb as he stole up the stairs, nearly soundless on the grand oak stairs. His room, his sanctuary, was dark, the silence cut by the practically inaudible tick of his bedside clock. He closed the door and quickly got undressed, padding into his bathroom, his feet getting a quiet shock going from lush carpet to the slate tiles of the bathroom floor. He hopped from foot to foot and eyed himself in the mirror. His hair, usually unruly and spiky, was half flat, and he frowned, seeing as his tattoos seemed to sag with fatigue as well. “Fucking hell, I look like dog shit,” he mused to himself and turned on the shower, cold, and stepped in.

The water did nothing to change his mood. He was still surly, aggravated and horny and not one thing he was going to do this evening would change that, except maybe, sleep. Sleep sounds good. Get to see your mystery girl. Thoughts about the night dreams lifted his spirits as he showered, his musings turning to what he would do to her that night.

Tired and pleasantly aroused from the inner workings of his own mind, he got out of the shower, smelling of the birch soap Myra had gotten him recently for his birthday, and padded, still wet into his bedroom. He stretched then fell onto his bed, closing his eyes…

They opened, and he looked around, the sounds of the night coming from the now-open doors on his balcony. Were they open when I came in? I must be dreaming, he thought with a smirk. So if I’m dreaming, where is she?

He got off the bed and looked around the shadow-darkened room. Satisfied that she was not lurking about, he walked out onto the deck and into the cool night air. He smiled to the full moon above and closed his eyes, turning his back to the railing and closing his eyes. He waited. When he opened them and she was still not at his feet on her knees, he shook his head.

“You never played games before, baby. Why start now? Come out, Darlin’, you know you want this.”

OK so its a tease... but your intrigued right? I think if you give Remy and Chrissy a chance... You might just love snakes as much as we do.




Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog. Sorry to post all over your debut. :(

I was confused over my last date here and had scheduled that post forever ago.

I am so glad y'all have come to Total E Bound, the publisher and the blog. It's a great group.

Have fun with the Hot Spot!

Dakota Rebel

Catherine Chernow said...

Hi Stella! Great post.

Nice to see you here at Total E Bound.

: )

Catherine Chernow