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Chocolate "Lovers"

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you might be wondering about a special gift to give your lover. Flowers and chocolate are the age-old standbys. But this year, you might want to consider giving a gift that he or she will always remember.

There's chocolate body pens. If you like sweets, and want to put your creative talents to some interesting use, pick up one of these Chocolate Pens and start doodling! Use the pens to draw words, symbols or pictures on your lover’s skin... and then lick them off. Yummy!

Or how about Strip Chocolate Checkers? Do you really want to win? Or do your really want to lose? This is a simple, little game with a great new twist (or two).

Or here's two tasty treats.
Kama Sutra Chocolate Souffle Cream. This incredibly scented, lusciously flavored, kissable water based moisturizing cream is designed for tasty and sensual massage. Like dessert for the skin! And Chocolate Passion Body Powder. It combines two of your favorite things, chocolate and your lover. Just sprinkle some on for a tasty...dessert.

And last, but not least...How about a chocolate Clone-A-Willy. What better to way to celebrate that penis than to make a chocolate replica of it and eat it? Delicious.

So, happy Valentine's Day a little early!

Ericka Scott

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Crissy said...

What wonderful ideas!!!