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The Creative Spirit and Catching Fireflies

Spirit. The word conveys a sense of the elusive. Something just beyond one’s grasp. That “something” is the force that every writer connects with when we craft our stories.
We know it by different names, but the point is, we all know it. Muse, inspiration, the voices that rattle around in our heads and won’t leave us alone, the ideas that seem to spring from nowhere. Call it by whatever name appeals to you, but they are one in the same - The Creative Spirit.

Any writer will tell you that connecting with the creative spirit is a feeling like no other. Some people refer to it as “being in the zone.” Others call it the “flow.” Sometimes the flow is hard to find. We get pulled out of it with the interruptions of daily life – phone calls, car pools, overtime, sick kids – you name it. Once you’ve been pulled from the flow, it’s exceedingly difficult to find it again. Often, we find ourselves reaching out, stretching toward that mysterious, intangible feeling only to have it vanish and flit farther out of reach like a firefly at dusk.

Life’s interruptions are unavoidable, but they don’t have to be lethal to our writing careers. Writing, by necessity is a very solitary journey, but we need to remember to reach out to our writer friends. Together we can help each other do more than catch fireflies in jars. We can help one another cultivate our creative spirits – to nurture our connections to it and in doing so, foster our artistic power.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Lovely metaphor, Bronwyn!

I always loved fireflies, growing up. They seemed the embodiment of magic.

Bronwyn Green said...

Thanks, Lisabet!

I have to admit, I still enjoy watching them in the summer. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to catch them too. An older woman once told me that when she was young, she and her siblings would pinch off the firefly bums and rub their hands with the goo to make their palms glow. It made me sad. Like they had shared the secret of a mystery or stolen Santa Claus from me. Brutal death for their momentary thrill.

Katie Blu
Let's hear it for catch and release. Inspiration which drifts away as easily as it comes. Alighting for the briefest moment to share something magical when we need it. Let's not kill the flame of magic or explore it too closely so that it dies.

Excellent blog, Bron.

Anonymous said...

whoops. Meant to sign it Katie, not stick it in the middle of my reply.

Anny Cook said...

What a lovely post, Bron! Thank you!

Kim Dare said...

I'm with Lisabet - fantastic metaphor.

I call that time when it all seems to come together a dictation session.

As if there's something inside that just tells my fingers what to type without bothering to actually include my brain in the process.

It feels as if I'm not writing myself, I'm just typing the story down as the characters tell me what happens.

Bronwyn Green said...

Thanks Katie, Anny and Kim. :)

::mzmriza:: said...

wow.. reading this entry really lighten up my day.. its true.. life is so easily can be interrupted but it doesnt mean it could stop the best interest of ourselves.. keep on being my inspiration.. im loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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