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Hitting that PERFECT hot spot!

By Sascha Illyvich

Happy New Year, readers!

With all the turmoil and economic crap going on in the world, I thought we’d focus on something different for our own pleasure! What have your new years reading resolutions been?

Hitting the Hot Spot! I’m talking about that moment in a story where you’re so hooked that the pages turn themselves because you’re DYING to know what happens next. The situation is so dramatic or arousing or scary or climatic; in short, it’s the reason you bought the book in the first place.

What is it for you that makes a romance hot spot? Is it the sex? Or the tension an author does to create a suspenseful climax? Do you like hanging on the edge of your seat because of an overly powerful BDSM scene between two or more lovers? Or are you a money shot reader, waiting for the big moment where the sex is ultra hot and the emotional bond is finally declared?

For me, it’s a combination of all of the above. I write in a variety of genres, sticking mostly to paranormal with hints of BDSM involved because it allows me as an author to put in a huge amount of emotion and tension while creating a balance with light hearted moments designed to make you, the reader, feel something deep inside of you.

In short, I want to touch your heart. I think that’s the key for all romance writers, being in touch with those horrible or otherwise difficult to express emotions and pulling them from our characters while bringing them to life on paper for our readers to relate to.

Tell me, who are your favorite authors who hit that hot spot just right for you?


Anonymous said...

There are so many authors that do that for me I feel very lucky. I just wish I wasn't at work and could give a more complete list.
Lora Leigh, Annmarie McKenna, Sean Michael, Carol Lynne, Jade Buchanan, C S Chatterly, and so many others that are on my keeper shelves.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Hi Sascha,

I'd have to speak to the book, not the writer. I try to read something by every author I feel tempted to try rather than everything by one author I like. I know. I'm strange.

Speaking of BDSM, I'd have to say Natural Law by Joey Hill was a surprise tug on my heartstrings (and lower.) Also, Slave Heart by Master Nage (or whatever he's calling himslef these days.)

Also...Carnal (or some title with that word in it) by Adrienne Kama. It had the added benefit of humor, which I love. So it tickled my funny bone (and lower.) LOL.