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Love -- for the Young & the Young at Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a time for thinking about relationships, finding love and renewing promises. Valentine’s Day is a time for sweethearts, regardless of your age. That’s why it was so much fun to write “Attitude Adjustment”. The little old ladies in the retirement home know all about love, and they’re going to make sure two young people --Suni and Linc -- find the secret that binds couples together, not just for this one special day of the year, but for all the years to come. Here’s an excerpt from “Attitude Adjustment” --

“Now.” Suni spun on her heel and left.

The minute he closed the door to the Eagle’s Nest, she turned on him. “I can’t do my job if you undermine me with the residents. Don’t push my buttons or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Her bossiness was a turn on. Her chest heaved, her green eyes shot sparks, and Linc suddenly knew she hadn’t called him into the office because he was dancing with the ladies. “What do you really want, Suni?”

“You know.”

If there were an Olympic sport for stripping and fucking, Linc and Suni would have a gold medal. They tore off their clothes and she sat on the edge of her desk while Linc slammed into her. She locked her legs behind his back, holding him in place while her hot pussy squeezed him dry. All too quickly it was over.

“Damn! Are you ever going to let me have a little foreplay?” he asked as he dressed.

“Fucking doesn’t require foreplay. I don’t either,” she said.
He tilted his head and studied her. He knew for a fact, she was satisfied. Yet her voice held a longing and he thought perhaps she wanted it differently – wanted to take it slow, but was afraid. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, perhaps he should plan a little encounter with Cupid for Suni and show her what could happen when it was slow and easy.


During supper, they actually talked. Linc told her about being a sports agent and trying to put together a syndicate for a new soccer team. He didn’t mention the old ladies wanting to invest. He found out Suni had gone to UCLA and graduated cum laude. She liked opera and mystery novels, and was a Perry Mason addict.

“What about this other addiction of yours?” he asked as he cleared the table.

She shrugged. “I don’t consider [sex] an addiction. It’s not illegal and it doesn’t destroy my body like drugs or smoking. I tend to think of it like extreme sports or auto racing—something like that. I enjoy the adrenaline highs.”

“Along with the incredible orgasms,” Linc added.

She grinned. “Of course.”

He took her hand and drew her to the couch, clicking on the small CD player along the way. Soft, mellow jazz surrounded them as they sat side by side.

When Suni’s hand slid up his leg, he covered it with his. “Tonight you’re under my spell,” he whispered as he kissed her ear before nibbling on her lobe. “I’m going to show you how to make love.”

“Like I don’t already know that?”

"We’ve been fucking and having sex, not making love. There’s a big difference.” He proceeded to show her just what that difference was, taking his time to thoroughly kiss her, slowly undoing one button at a time to reveal the red teddy.

Attitude Adjustment is available NOW. You’ll find it under short stories as one of the “Cupid’s Kisses” collection.


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Jamie Hill said...

This is one hot story, folks. You have to check it out. Not only are Suni and Linc wonderful, but the backstory is fabulous!

Love this one, Bobbie!