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Mid Season Premieres

I’ve mentioned a few times at various places one of my fav things besides reading and writing is TV and Movies. I have a feature on my own blog I did last year called TV Pleasures. I plan on starting again next week and changing the titled a little. I’ll be calling it TV/Movie Pleasures.

Today I’m exploring my TV pleasures. I'm enjoying the mid season premieres of Monk and Psych (yeah they started two weeks ago). Also can’t wait for The Closer which starts later this month. I enjoy Detective Sanchez and am really hoping they don’t kill him off. They left a cliff hanger last season. I’m counting down the days until I can find out what happens.

A friend of mine also tapped the whole season on True Blood for me. I plan real soon to have a weekend of watching the season. I heard mixed things about True Blood but watching to form my own thoughts.

Now my other fav kind of shows - reality shows. I love some of them. There are so many and some of them just don’t catch me. I’m really enjoying Superstars of Dance. Seeing the various countries competing, their countries style of dance, and seeing how the professionals do it. It was wow. Fabulous.

What shows are you watching or looking forward too?

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Jamie Hill said...

We're watching Top Chef and looking forward to Hell's Kitchen!! LOL