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Naughty excerpt and a Chat announcement!

It's that time of the month again and I've got news and something sexy to share with you all. Naughty Nooners Anthology is one hot read and it's brand new out of TEB. If you like m/m action, this is one you'll definitely want to get your hands on. Of course, I've got an excerpt for you, but don't stop reading then. We're having a chat this Friday evening and we'd love to see some of you there. We've got party plans and prizes, so be there if you can. Now then, on with a sexy read...

Naughty Nooners Anthology

Authors: J.P. Bowie, Cian Fey, Kaenar Langford,
Carol Lynne, Jude Mason and Dakota Rebel

Genre Gay/ Contemporary/ Vampire/ BDSM
Cover art by Natalie Winters
Publisher: Total E-Bound
ISBN: # 978-1-906811-52-5


Lunch is Served
by Jude Mason

Chapter Two

By Wednesday afternoon, Philip was so nervous and excited he'd been unable to eat. He'd tried on the 'uniform' and gasped at how much the jock revealed. The harness that crisscrossed his chest and back made him feel macho as hell, but the jock was another matter. The cup was made of the smoothest, most supple leather, but it was snug even when he was soft. Hell, it was more than snug. He knew that if he got an erection, he'd be flashing the room.

He walked into the club and nodded at the doorman, a tall muscular guy about his age. His uniform was a whole lot more substantial, Philip thought as he headed for the staff change room. Well-fitted black slacks and suspenders bared the man's bulging chest and ripped abs. At least he wasn't in danger of indecent exposure.

Pushing open the door, he walked in and was surprised when he saw a nearly naked man stuffing himself into a jockstrap. The guy was a stud, blond, tanned and with the body of a California surfer.

The fellow looked up and smiled. "You gotta be the new guy. I'm Scott." He straightened up and held out a hand.

Philip reached out and took it. "Yeah, I'm the new guy, Philip Sands."

Scott's handshake was firm, and his smile seemed genuine. "Nervous?"

Philip took a deep breath and nodded, "Yeah, the outfit is pretty small and won't cover if I get hard."

Chuckling, Scott replied, "I think Mark planned it that way. We're the chaperones, but we're also eye candy for the guys who show up alone."

"I figured that. As long as I'm not expected to do any 'business' on the side, I think I can handle it." When he said it, he wasn't sure if he believed it or not. Only time would tell.

"That's definitely not what Mark's after. He runs a legit club where men can let their hair down." Scott leaned forward and spread his legs.

The pouch seemed about ready to burst, but it held his package. He'd obviously trimmed his pubes, as Philip had, but he'd left a treasure trail of slightly darker blond hair going from his navel all the way to the top of the pouch. He wondered how much hair Scott had left.

Philip dropped the sports bag onto the counter and reached for the buttons of his shirt. Stripping it off, he looked at Scott and asked, "Mr. Freeman said I'd be partnered up with someone for awhile--any idea who that might be?" He spotted hangers on a row of wall hooks and grabbed one, hanging up his shirt. He took off his boots, but left his white socks on.

"Yeah, me."

Naked to the waist, Philip dug the harness out of his bag and slipped it over his head. It settled on his shoulders, the studded black leather crossed over his chest and back, a wider band circling his ribs. He buckled that and reached for the button and zipper on his jeans. Taking a deep breath, he stripped them off and then his boxers.

"Nice," said Scott who'd perched his butt on the counter and watched him strip.

Philip glanced up at him and felt his face heat up. "Thanks." He quickly grabbed his jock strap, slipping it over his feet and pulled it up his legs.

"Take a breath, bud." Scott reached over and patted him on the shoulder. "First night jitters. We all get them."

Appreciating the advice, Philip inhaled deeply and then worked at getting his newly trimmed package concealed. He knew he was well equipped, showering at the gym and eyeing other men had fed his ego enough to be sure of himself in that department. What he was most concerned about was getting wood. What the fuck was he going to do if he got a hard on? The smooth leather held him snugly but it had no give, no stretch and that's what he needed. Either that or--

"You're still worried about getting hard," Scott interrupted his musing. "It'll happen. You'll get noticed. Hell, you might even get a pat on the ass or two before the night's over."

* * *

The Naughty Nooner Anthology is available from Total E-Bound BUY NOW

The authors of the Naughty Nooner Anthology
are going to be chatting at the
Love Romance Cafe
this Friday.
That's January 16th at:
from 7-10 PM EST which means 4-7 PM PST

Come and check us out, play some party games, read a few excerpts, possibly win a prize or two and get to know us all a little better. Ask us questions, we love questions, share a little about yourselves, we love to know more about our readers, and be ready to party. Oh yeah, we do love to party!

So, be there or ... well you know the rest of that saying, and you definitely don't have any harsh corners. We'll be there waiting for you!

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Sheesh! I'm hot and bothered already!

Sounds like a sizzling antho, Jude!

Jude Mason said...

Umm and this is a problem why?


Thanks for stopping by, Lisabet. This post wasn't supposed to show up for awhile yet.


Jamie Hill said...

This is a great story and I'm sure the others are just as hot. Knowing the writers, they have to be! Congratulations on the release and good luck with many sales!

*hangs head* I have no idea what time zone the TEB blog is in. The post in advance feature scares me. Since I'm always up by 6 a.m. CST, I just post then.



Kim Dare said...

Great excerpt Jude, the story and the anthology look fantastic. All the best for the chat.

(I think the blog is in GMT, on the principle that it makes sense to me so it can't be in any other time zone, lol)