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Super Mom Away!

I'm sure you've heard the term "Super Mom". I think it's supposed to be rather derogatory about those of us who try to be everything and anything to our kids and to everyone around us.

I'm not trying to looked up to like the term implies, just do my duties, be there for my family, and get done what has to be done.

Being a mom and wife that also works full time is already hectic. Add to that fact one of my kids plays on two softball teams (s
oftball and rec) and I write (a lot), and I'm pretty much like a chicken without a head lots of days. But I don't want to stop being a mom or a writer and I desperately need the day job to support the kids and myself, so it is what it is.

This weekend I've been a softball mom all weekend. Yes, ALL weekend, Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday. My younger daughter was invited to play in the Rising Starz softball tournament where college scouts offer scholarships. As far as I know, she's not going to be offered one. Maybe next time. Or maybe the offers come after the weekend. She had fun and I got a LOT of writing done. I finished my MFM story due for TEB. And I got 3,000 + words into my next TEB story. I had enough energy Sunday since we got out early to whip my MFM into shape and send it off to my TEB editor.

It was so nice sitting outside at the softball game (except for last night when 4 or 5 smokers sent me into an asthma attack), watching the girls play. The weather down here in South Florida is absolutely awesome and during the
day we actually get hot. In the evening and early morning we only need a sweatshirt or jacket.

As I mentioned above I did double duty and did the mom thing and the writing thing simultaneously. No guilt for once. Trying to be "Super Mom" can bring on a lot of guilt, not that I like that terrible title.

I doubt I would've spent my long weekend off the day job at the softball games without this incentive, but it was really really nice. I did more writing than I probably would have if I had been elsewhere.

I love it when I open my mail and get a present, especially when it's not even my birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. But I sure got a good one today.

It was this review by Victoria at Two Lips Reviews.

Ms. Ladd
sure knows how to kick the BDSM tension up a notch when these three engage in a delightful ménage. Submissive Dreams is easily one of the best BDSM stories I’ve read this year, full of lots of steamy sex and snappy dialogue.

Heat Level:  BDSM, menage, m/m


Thanks Victoria! I'm so glad you liked Submissive Dreams.

Aren't those chili peppers so adorable? The lips are pretty darned awesome, too. Especially FIVE of them. Woohoo!

Can you tell I'm pumped? Just in case you can't, I am.

To read the whole review go to:

Here's an excerpt of Submissive Dreams:

Stacey Cooke can't believe her eyes when she sees her ex-husband Brand on the Internet—and he's the new king of porn. She divorced him for being too boring in bed and out and so she's stunned. Much worse than stunned, she's jealous and it hurts. She wonders if she gave up on him too early.

She can't stop peeking at her ex with all his film partners. When an ad pops up for a new partner to have sex with Brand on film, her friend Lilli persuades her to apply. Donning a mask, disguising her voice, Stacey decides to see if she's still in love with him.


“You’re not gonna fuckin’ believe this.” Lilli whistled long and loud while she shook her head. The late afternoon sunlight filtering through the grimy windows glinted off her multi-coloured hair streaked blonde and red through her auburn locks.

Accustomed to her friend’s over-ebullience, Stacey Cooke gave an obligatory smile. However, she didn’t blink an eye. “Uh huh.”

“No, I mean it. This is fuckin’ unbelievable! Sit down. This is wild.”

With an arched brow, Stacey double checked her seating arrangement. “I am sitting. So what is it I won’t believe?”

Reverently, Lilli placed her laptop atop Stacey’s legs. “Look closely. Recognise anyone?”

Stacey gulped. Naked bodies writhed together, kissing, caressing, shagging their arses off… Women were tied up while men enjoyed their wicked way with them.

“Uh, why do you want me to look at this?” Despite herself, she couldn’t stop staring at the huge hard cocks fucking the moist pussies. Nor could she keep from creaming her own panties.

“Come on. Don’t you see it?” Lilli jumped up and down as if panicked. She jabbed a finger at the screen.

“Look at the man’s face. Don’t you recognise him?” Her friend’s voice reverberated with frustration and excitement.

Stacey hadn’t exactly been studying faces. Those muscles and cocks were mouth-watering scrumptious, and she squirmed on her chair.

Lilli tapped her pointy, chipped fingernail on a man’s face

Stacey’s eyes dilated on the face she knew so well. It went blurry before her eyes, and her heart skipped several beats. She couldn’t breathe. It couldn’t be. She had to be hallucinating. Or this was a trick. Was it April first?

“That’s Brandon.”

The caption under the bald-headed man proclaimed him to be ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’, but it was unmistakably her ex-husband—on steroids. Or maybe some great graphic air brushing was in play. Still, she laboured in disbelief as she struggled for air. “Th-that couldn’t be him. He’d never, ever…”

Gobsmacked, she couldn’t finish the sentence.

Lilli leaned close enough to kiss the screen. “Dominate women? Tie them up? Shag them in public? Be a porn star?”

All of the above. Stacey couldn’t help herself, she stole another look at the man’s face. It certainly looked like Brand, but she couldn’t wrap her mind around all this. Hell no! Her husband couldn’t be fucking other women. Especially not so many other women—where everybody could see him. “They say everyone has a double…”

“If it was me, I’d be finding out for sure.” Lilli waved a dismissive hand and paced before her.

The hurtful truth slapped her between the eyes, and she dragged in a deep breath.

“We’re divorced. He can do whatever the hell he pleases.” Even if it ached that he’d never done any of that with her, that he was doing it with so many other women, she’d get over it. Still, obsessed against her will, she scrolled through the pages, counting just how many partners he’d had. Holy! ‘Rex’ had fucked at least twenty women onscreen. The man was more machine than human. vShe mumbled more to herself than to her friend as she rested her chin on her hand, her spirit draining. “Just how would I find out for sure?”

Lilli crossed back to her and gave her shoulder a commiserative squeeze. “Well, you could pick up the phone and just ask him.” v“Lovely. You expect me to blurt out ‘are you a porn star? Is that you shagging all those twits?’ Like I’m really bloody going to do that.”

Lilli confiscated the laptop and clicked on a few keys. Then she handed it back as she licked her lips. “Look, they’re advertising for women who want to…participate.”

“You’re not suggesting…?” Stacey gaped at her friend. “Why would I want to? We’re divorced with a capitol ‘D’.” Pain slashed at her nevertheless—a pain she didn’t want and refused to name. “I mean, he never wanted me that way. Our sex was mind-numbing…”

She shut up when she realised she’d revealed more than she’d intended. Flames licked her cheeks. Lilli leaned over her, crimson heat flooding her cheeks. “You call that boring? If he wasn’t your ex, I might be tempted…”

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