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The Thrill of Three

What is about a menage a trois that people find so fascinating? Is it a wild fantasy that you know you'll never live out, or one you can't wait to try? Do you wonder how a person can be intimate with more than one person, or do you consider that taboo?

I admit the majority of my stories consist of one man, one woman. Not really for any reason than that has been my experience. But the muse has requested I think out of the box and so I've been working on a paranormal menage a trois series titled Vengeful Vixens. My first book in the series, Healing Hartley, will be coming soon to TEB, and I can't wait! The three books will delve into witches, vampires, and werewolves.

And yes, I've been having a great time writing about threesomes. I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more :)

~Ann Cory

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