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Dual Natured Characters and People!

Hi Hot Spot Blog readers!
I have a question for you. How many of you are dual nature people? Do you ever stop to ponder that?

Let me give you my example. I’m a bisexual erotic romance writer who is into fetish clothing and the lifestyle, albeit in a minor way. I enjoy cross dressing, yet when I’m dressed as a woman, I am still very dominant and somewhat vicious. I hate men who try to pick me up online (you DO look and flirt, don’t you?) and think they can either be rough with me because I’m a male who wants to be a slut, or soft and tender because I’m wearing women’s underwear.

Yet I’m also the first one to crack out the single tail, offer knife play to my submissives, and just end up with some rough sex.

Also, I write romance. That’s not entirely a normal thing for most men, is it?

I think it’s just part of who I am that makes me, me. I’ve never been conventional or normal by any standards and who amongst us enjoys “that?”

I think it also makes me an interesting person. I did an interview with an author recently at RWA and was just muttering to myself about a pair of panties in my laptop case and she said “really?” I looked at her, smile on my face and said ‘Yup. I’m a cross dresser.”

I got a big ooh and ahh haha!

Needless to say that interview was fun.

Dual nature in our characters is something else. Do we see examples of a character who seems to have two faces? We sure do. All those “assholish alpha males” we love so much tend towards dual nature. On the one hand, they’re great, big powerful and strong on the other, they’re sweet and sensitive when the authors have created the best character arc they can to emphasize the romance aspect.

So what say you, readers? Do you enjoy dual nautred characters? Who are some of your favorite?


Lisabet Sarai said...

One of my complaints about romance is that so many of the characters are shallow and one-sided. One issue, one conflict, one desire. People aren't like that.

I love the complexity of someone who leads a double life. In fact, that's what my novel Incognito is about, a woman who is shy and uptight with men she knows, but who explodes into sensuality in the hands (or under the whip) of a stranger.

The book is in some sense about the resolution of that duality. On the other hand, I don't think that dual natures always need to be resolved. You, for instance! I didn't know that you cross-dressed, but I figure that just makes you even more of a fascinating character!


victoriablisse said...

I'm multi-faceted and I like to make my characters like that, too and I really hope I succeed. I think everyone is the sum of several characteristics, many of which can be seemingly contradictory, I think good Characters harness this.

For example, take Captain Vimes From the Discworld. He's tough, he's grumpy but he has a soft heart and he loves deeply and freely.

I like Characters like that.

Kim Dare said...

I think it's always good to see another angle to the characters personality. It's always interesting to see the other side to real people to.

Great post.

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

Thanks ladies :) sorry for late reply, have been sick..


Glsmeltr said...

As a reader, i love duality in characters. The more complex, the better. If it is a series, it is fascinating to watch a character unfold over time.

And i should know! LOL

Great post!