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Favorite part of a man

It’s difficult for me to choose one part I like best because there are so many luscious parts that make up a man, but I decided to challenge myself.

The verdict: Eyes.

The eyes do it for me, though strong hands and a tight ass are tied for second.

What is it about the eyes? That is a little more difficult for me to pin down. I judge a lot by the eyes. Are they the windows into the soul? Maybe. They can evoke all sorts of emotions. Sexy. Brooding. Playful. Seductive. Curiosity. Anger. Lust. Fear. Those are just a few of course.

But I think my preference for the eyes is how a man makes me feel when I’m with him. I want a man to look at me in a way that I know I’m his. A sensual stare that makes my legs feel like I’ve been peddling for five non-stop hours in spin class. A half-lidded gaze that ensures I’ll have to change my panties before I go anywhere or risk a lot of questions. A look of hunger that radiates I’m going to get a licking between my thighs like I’ve never experienced before.

Does color matter? If he’s looking at me with one of the above scenarios – hell no. My preference leans toward blue eyes. Maybe because my husband’s eyes are blue and I can stare into them forever. Maybe I’m just drawn to blue because it’s my favorite color.

Regardless, the eyes have it for me. One look and I melt. What is yours?

~Ann Cory

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