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Get Seduced

Hey Ya’ll! Well it’s almost time to hang up those heavy coats and sweaters and break out the shorts and sandals. I for one can not wait!!! And below I have a steamy excerpt to keep you warm until the weather helps.

First let me Thank Claire and Hitting the Hot Spot for letting me post today. Since my usual day is on the 30th and as you know we will not have 30 days this month, but I had to blog to tell you about my upcoming contest in March.

Now down to business… In ten days my second book release Seduced By The Neighbour will be out! I want to celebrate this exciting news to offer you a chance at a great prize.

Seduced by The Neighbour is a hot sexy story for the Lust Bites lovers. I personally love these quickie stories and am thrilled to have written one.
Here’s the blurb from Seduced:

Sometimes a world of unimaginable pleasure can be found right next door.
Cara Livley and Matt Adams are neighbours and friends. Each of them fights the attraction that pulls them closer to crossing a line that could end their friendship.
Matt is a dominant male who believes he would scare Cara away with his needs in the bedroom. However, Cara has a secret of her own.
The first time Matt touches Cara, he fears that this petite, shy woman could bring him to his knees. As he takes her through a morning of erotic pleasure, he fights himself, knowing he cannot keep her. No matter how good she feels in his arms.
Cara is fighting her own demons. She wants more than just one time with this talented man.After one day together, everything will change. For better or for worse.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light bondage.

Sound yummy??? Now onto the contest…

Seduced by the Neighbour will be released on March 2, 2009.
To celebrate my Second Book Release I am giving you a chance to win a gift voucher through TEB. Between March 2 through March 27th buy Seduced By The Neighbour and answer 2 questions:

1. What did Matt bring for breakfast the morning he went to help Cara with her book?

2. What did Matt find in Cara's bedroom that started his seduction?

Just answer these two questions and send them to me at with Seduced Contest as the subject.

I will announce the winner on March 28th!
Why march 28th? Because that is my 30th Birthday. And we will both have something to celebrate.

So Good Luck and Happy Reading!!!

I hope you will all take advantage at the chance to win the gift voucher! Feel free to check my websites for more details and info on my upcoming releases in May.

I’ll leave you with a little more from Seduced… Crissy

Cara was shaking as Matt remained behind her. This was a new experience already. She wasn’t a virgin, but she had never had a man stare at her so intensely, Sex had always been done in the dark and in bed. She could feel the heat from her core and wanted Matt to put his fingers where hers had been earlier.

He moved back in front of her, and she could see the lust shining in his eyes. Her own gaze went to the front of his pants, and the proof that he was as turned on as she was unmistakable. When he leaned forward and gently touched his lips to hers, she sighed at the long overdue kiss.

The kiss started out as a soft meeting of lips. When she moved forward and pressed her body against his, he placed his hands on both sides of her head holding her still. He nipped her bottom lip and ran his tongue over it to soothe. She opened her mouth to him. From there the kiss went up several degrees. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and took control of it and every sensation she felt. When he broke away, a small sound of protest escape her lips.

"Go to your bed and climb on top of it. Kneel on it, keeping your face away from me.

Keep your legs spread shoulder length apart. Your hands behind your back. Your head bent back with your hair down your back. Keep your eyes open, Cara."

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Kim Dare said...

Sounds like a great read Crissy.

All the best with the competition.