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Happy Valentine's Day!

I hit the jackpot it seems and get to wish you all the most romantic, sexy Valentine's Day ever! So, me and Mr. Gorgeous above, hope you and your special someone are enjoying the most fabulous day imaginable!

For myself, and my wonderful, sexy, husband, we have our own plans for celebration. As some of you know, our children are grown and gone now, with families of their own. Whoo hooo! (This is called 'success!') So, our time is more or less our own, usually. We do still have the aging parents to care for at times, but mostly it's just sexy hubby and me. This is a gorgeous time of life, trust me.

So, by the time this post is live, I'll be treating my man to a breakfast in bed. Something light and tasty as we're both dieting, and being successful at it I might add. A small bowl of oatmeal and a larger bowl of fruit, shared. Add a cup of coffee and you have two very happy people. After that, well, I'm going to let you use your imagination...LOL You didn't really think I was going to drag you into our bed did you?

Over the years, hubby and I have shared a huge number of Valentine's Days, birthdays, Christmas' and all those other celebratory events. I've found that in most ways, we're not what you might call a touchy feely couple. We do love each other, and show it often, but not in what you could call a romantic way. We rarely eat by candlelight. But, we do hold hands a lot. We don't send each other chocolates, but we do spend time together. Cut flowers remind me too much of funerals to be thought of as romantic, but you give me a man who will clean my kitchen and I'll melt in his arms. A man who will care for me when I'm deathly ill, a man who has seen me at my very worst, and my very best, and still loves me, that's what it's all about in my books. I'll make my man's day the most exciting I can. But, I'll do that at other times too. The Valentine's feeling can be celebrated on any day, and is in my house. I adore surprising him with a hot bath and a back rub. Yum. I swoon when he brings me coffee in the morning, and he's naked.

So, what do you have planned for your special day? A naked lunch? A dinner served by a sexy waitress wearing nothing but an apron? I'd love to know.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Well, since you've got your hubby, I'll take the guy in the picture...!

Only kidding. My own DH probably wouldn't approve. Though who knows? We were involved in a couple of threesomes in our wilder days...

Happy Valentine's to you and yours, Jude!


Jude Mason said...

Thanks so much, Lisabet. Hey, maybe we could share the guy and give our men a break. Now there's a story. LOL

Happy Valentine's Day

Jamie Hill said...

You women are nuts. But, then, I knew that!

Happy V-Day Jude!


Jude Mason said...

Sigh, Jamie, you just don't want to share. I know you... LOL


Connie Northrop said...

Hi Jude! Nice blog! Happy V-Day!

No special plans, just trying to relax.

Becky said...

Hi Jude! My husband and I had no special plans for today. We had lunch with some friends. I love the picture - I'll take that guy and we just won't tell my husband. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Ray said...

Love your blog Jude.

Didn't do anything special today. I got my wife some tulips, which she loves. They just came to full bloom on Valentine's.