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I actually wrote most of this blog this summer and posted it on my website, but I liked the idea so much, I've re-edited it and am re-posting it. Hope you enjoy it.

"Kiss" can be used as a verb (I kissed the baby), a noun (The kiss deepened as he wrapped his arms around me), an adjective (She is completely kissable). As a lover of grammar, I am naturally drawn to the word's versatility. As a woman, I'm drawn to the word's meaning. Often, a kiss is the prelude to a lovely encounter. Sometimes, it finalizes the end of a visit or worse, an entire relationship. It can be a greeting, in some cultures, the sealing of a contract. People kiss each other to show affection, sympathy, welcome, love.

Some kisses last a lifetime.

My first kiss (boy/girl kiss, that is): I was 14 years old. Skinny, freckled, frizzy hair. His name was David. Tall, frizzier hair than mine - okay, it was an afro - soft, bedroom eyes. It was after a chorus practice and he kissed me on a dare. I melted. I'd been reading romance novels for years and had read that phrase, but hadn't understood it until that moment. I wanted to live in his arms. His soft lips touched mine, gently opening my lips. I felt his tongue slip in, touch mine gently, then with growing demand. It lasted - a friend actually timed it - 6 minutes. David taught me to kiss, and beautifully so. The Kiss has, since then, been my favourite erotic activity since then.

My first kiss with my future husband: I was 15, he was 15. I, being the more experienced kisser, took him in hand. I was the first girl he had kissed, which is ironic, since (big secret here) he was the man I later gave my virginity to! Honestly, it wasn't a great kiss, but it was very, very sweet and, we got better at it as time went on. Once we actually kissed lying on the beach with ocean waves rolling over us - just like in the movies. Now THAT was incredible!

Baby: Yep. You guessed it. The first kiss I laid on my first baby's head. No one and nothing can ever compare to the beauty and pure love of that moment. Next, the first wet, slobbery kiss he gave me. If it had been possible, I'd have save the slobber in a Waterford goblet as a treasure for those trying teenage years. I'm proud to say, that even now when he is an all grown up 20 year old college student, he still kisses me. I love that boy.

Various others. Over the years, others have shared a kiss with me, but it would be indiscreet to name names. Therefore, I'll just describe a few. I've been kissed to the point of orgasm - completely dressed and the only physical contact with the person was the KISS. Quick pecks which give comfort and security. Kisses of promised friendship. Kisses of remembered and still felt love. Sweet kisses from children. Heartbreaking kisses from mourners and well-wishers. Papery thin kisses from the elderly, all the more precious because of the sincerity. Stolen kisses, public kisses.

Kissing is a passion of mine, probably because kisses define passion.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

What a wonderful post, Marie! Especially the part about you and your future husband at 15.

I've always told my husband that he was a "full-body kisser". The first time we kissed (on the sidewalk in the middle of the city), it involved far more than just our lips.