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Older men: my new obsession.

OK I have recently learned something about myself. I like Older men. Now this wasn’t much of a stretch for most women, but lemme give you a few reason s why it’s weird as hell for me. See, I’m going to be 30 this year, and I look like I’m going to be 22, and have always liked younger guys. Hell my fiancée is 6 years younger then I.


James Purefoy, Age 45. Yes. OMG I fell in love with him in Resident Evil, and to this day, I wanna do unbelievably naughty things to him with cool whip and 4 lengths of red rope licorice. Have you seen him? Oh…but have you seen him NEKKID? Watch Rome… you will. Ooh and he’s a Gemini… And yes, he’s a muse for our books, our Demon, Dante.

Callum Keith Rennie, age 49. Ok I don’t know why but he’s become a recent obsession with me. Sexy… and almost 50! Dude my ‘father’ should be 56. That’s creepy, but DAMN. He don’t look like he’s gonna be 50.

Collin Farrell, Age 32. Yes he’s not that much older then me, Actually he’s a year and 51 weeks older as we are a week apart (I’m May 24th and he’s May 31st). And he’s a Gemini too. Surprise surprise. But OMG do I adore this man. Here. Drool with me. Yes, he’s a Muse, our ever evil bad boy demon, Drake. Yummy.

Johnny Depp, Age 44, and another Gemini. I don’t think I need to say why I love him. Though I will mention that Audra is convinced that he probably smells like old tobacco and stale wine. Still, we all would forgive him. Johnny is the muse for our hottie teleport demon, Fallon Ipwhisk.

David Wenham, Age 44. My aussie love. Hottest thing he’s ever done? Been the one eyed hottie in 300. DID YOU SEE THAT BODY? Yeah… I did too. Normally I don’t go for the hard bodies, but great googily moogily. The man is fine. David is the Muse for our Unicorn, Karsten Morris.

Ok… so now you see why I’m panting over these fine upstanding gentleman. But I thought I would add another… a young guy, Age: 27. Jamie Davis, of Footballer’s Wives and HEX fame. Ooey gooey sexy.

Crap. I just realized I am not in anyway attracted to American guys. I don’t consider Depp American, since he hasn’t ‘lived’ in the US in ages. So what say you? Who are your favorites, and do you use them for muses when you write?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Stella,

Gee, it has been a long time since guys in their forties were "older"! However, I've always felt that more mature men were sexier. They have more experience to share, and are less impatient.


Ashley Ladd said...

I used to love "older" men. But now that I'm almost 50, I'm going the other way. Men in their 40s are so very yummy, aren't they?

Okay, I still like the idea of an older man - as long as they take care of themselves. Of course, I'm older than you are, so our idea of older men is probably different.

Jamie Hill said...

LOL Lisabet and Ashley- I feel the same way. I've always loved older men (married me one) but as I get older, I dunno. Men my age are looking pretty good. cough *George Clooney* cough

Stella, you're such a young pup...*G*

Stella Price said...

Young? Audra is the young one... But she has an unholy obsession with David Tennant, the most recent Dr. Who.

See, for real life, my hunny is 6 years younger then me... which is fine, but almost EVERY actor I like is older. Its just interesting to me. But damn are they Fine!