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Save $ and Go Green

Last night I took the daughter and myself to a movie. While I enjoyed it, I couldn’t get over how much I paid or that I was the only schmuck in the theater that had. $33 between two tickets, two sodas, one box of candy, and one serving of nachos.


All the way home and still this morning I keep thinking I should have waited for the show to come out on DVD to watch at home and I’d have saved so much money. Then I started thinking how many other ways I could have spent that money.

In today’s tough economy, we need to be frugal. Obviously a lot of people are watching their dollars (if they have any left to watch) as the theater was literally empty except for the two of us. And this was a prime time showing, not some oddball time or out of the way theater. This was the theater by the mall.

For that amount of money I could have bought several books and entertained myself for many more hours. I also wouldn’t have been tempted to eat the candy and nachos, which comes with the territory with going to the theater – for me anyway.

Although there’s another movie coming out tomorrow I’ve been dying to see, I’m not dying to spend another $33 for two hours of entertainment. Even if I rough it without the snacks, it’s still twenty bucks. There’s also a lot of books I’ve been dying to read. I think I’ll opt for the books this time and catch the movie when it comes out on disc.

Books, especially e-books, are so much value for the money. And e-books are also environmentally friendly. So why not “go green” and save $ while being entertained with a great book. I’d love it if my sweetie gave me books for Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of something more romantic than being given some romance books to read to get me in the mood to smooch and cuddle.

In only four days my Valentine’s book “Secret Admirer” releases at Total-E-Bound which is a big Valentine’s gift to me. It’s an M/M with plenty of steamy romance to warm off the winter chill.

Then on February 23rd my story “Welcome To Paradise” will be released at Total-E-Bound in the “Night of the Senses” anthology, so don’t miss that either.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with lots of love and romance.



Molly Daniels said...

We were talking about this last night, Ash. About how it costs nearly $60 for the five of us to eat at our fav restaurant now. That same amount would fill D's car twice; my van 1.5 times; buy a 3 month supply of staples at the right store; a week's worth of quality meats from our fav butcher.

It's all about priorities. And the fact I haven't been inside a movie theatre since Harry Potter 5.

Lisabet Sarai said...

It's all about choices. Sometimes you need a night out. But you've got to recognize the costs and be willing to pay them.

Still, we'd all be happy if people bought more ebooks, wouldn't we?!

Congratulations on your upcoming releases, by the way!