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Total-E-Talk with TEB!

It's big, it's bold and it's beautiful - and it's coming soon from TEB!

Join us weekly at Total-E-Talk Radio, where we'll be keeping you upto date with what's what at TEB.

Our radio shows are here to keep you up to date with our authors and their latest releases - you can expect raunchy and explicit excerpts read by the authors, interviews with your favourite TEB authors, contests and prizes, industry news and just plain good old fun!


Total-E-Talk Radio will be hosted LIVE weekly - dates to be posted soon!


All shows will be uploaded to iTunes so that you may download the podcasts at your leisure.


Listener call-in number during live shows: (718) 506-1696 Call in at any time during the show to ask a question or chat about the topic of the day!

(New York number, long distance charges apply), however, there is a feature on the show page which allows listeners to select the "Click to Talk" button during any live show and, through a microphone connected to the listener's computer, join the show as a caller. This service is free to listeners.

There is also a LIVE chat during the shows. At the Total-E-Talk Radio page, look out for CHAT LIVE buttons. Type your questions or comments during the show and we'll read them out and answer them on air!

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Catherine Chernow said...

Looking forward to Blog Talk Radio.

: )

Catherine Chernow