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Vote for TEB!

Rights of Romance Best of 2008

Total-E-Bound Nominees

TEB, our authors and illustrators are nominated in RORR Best of 2008 poll, and we'd be grateful for your votes:

Best Publisher

Best Anthology
VOTE: Brit Party -

Best Cover
VOTE: New World -
Anne Cain

Best Contemporary
VOTE: Diary of a Mad
Escort - Catherine Chernow

Best Historical
VOTE: Erotic Obsession
- Iona Blair

Best Shifter
VOTE: Dark Admirer -
Charlotte Featherstone

Best MC/IR
VOTE: Corporate Passion
- Carol Lynne

Best Sci-Fi
VOTE: New World -

Best Artist


Catherine Chernow said...


So I went on over to RoRRC and voted for all the Total E Bound Nominees.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Claire said...

Thanks Catherine - much appreciated.


Claire said...

ooooo! Forgot to say - good luck with your nomination!!