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Wedding Moments

My mind is filled with weddings. I’m going to a wedding next month. My cousin is getting married. I am excited for her. With the wedding approaching I have to find clothes to wear, a gift and plan for my trip. The wedding is not being held in the state I live in so need to get everything done before my trip.

With the planning for the wedding filling my mind I started thinking of other weddings I have attended. I was thinking of some of my most memorable weddings moments for weddings I have been too. My most memorable that comes to mind is when I was about eight. At eight the wedding was long and I was so thirsty so when I got to the reception I picked up a glass off the table and drank it. I couldn’t figure out why the cup was so small and the water tasted bad. Since I was still thirsty I went down the table and drank all the glasses on the table then was on my way up the other side when my mom caught me. She scolded me and was horrified I had drunk almost all the glasses on the table.

What I didn’t realize at the time it was champagne. LOL. I was a really sleepy for the rest of reception. LOL. That was my first brush with champagne. When I got home I was out like a light. I still remember the headache I had the day after. Ow. Since then I have of course learned the difference between water and champagne. (grin)

What are some of your most memorable wedding moments?

Taige Crenshaw
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