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Brothels-bordellos, whorehouses-what's in a name?

Call it what you will, it’s still the same place where man can go and pay money for a woman they choose from the daily menu.
Contrary to the old cliché, prostitution is almost certainly not the world's oldest profession--that would be hunting and gathering, perhaps followed by subsistence farming--but it has been found in nearly every civilization on Earth stretching back throughout all recorded human history. We can say with some confidence that wherever there have been money, goods, or services to be bartered, somebody has bartered them for sex.
The Ancient Romans, and the Greeks made it a highly specialized profession. At one time the Greeks even had state-funded brothels.
It’s become almost a staple in historical romances. In Westerns set in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the American West, every saloon had its rooms upstairs for men to use by the hour or by the night, depending on how much money they had.
In cities where prostitution is legal, such places are often confined to what’s call The red Light District. In the 1800s there were many such districts in big cities in the United States, which lagged far behind its European and Asian cohorts.
Although Nevada is the only place in the United States that legalizes prostitution, in many cities “massage parlors” do extra duty behind closed doors or thick curtains. Wherever there’s a customer, there’s someone who’s going to please him.
Beginning in the times of Ancient Rome, prostitutes served a special purpose. They didn’t just provide sex, the tutored the men in the art of sex. Of seduction. Of sensual experiences. It was their responsibility to teach the man how to give satisfaction as well as to receive it.
They also provided a place for battle-weary men to unwind, to share troubles that they knew would not be repeated. Prostitutes—and later their more sophisticated cousins, the courtesans—knew better than to leak any secrets that flew during pillow talk. Their job was providing secure comfort, not gossiping. Yet in times of war, prostitutes were often recruited to act as spies, a risky situation that required a great deal of play-acting on the part of the women.
But then, that’s what their lives were—play acting. Pretending to be someone else for one hour or one night.
As sexual preferences have become more sophisticated over the centuries, special brothels came into existence, place where you could indulge every one of your fantasies. Women were specially trained in the arts of BDSM and menage, for example. And yes, my dears, a good ménage is a work of art.
Today there are still women highly trained in the arts of sex and seduction, their businesses cloak as something else because in many places laws forbid their kind of profession. They providing a service men are willing to pay enormous amounts of money for. Wouldn’t it be great if all men were required to take a training course before being let loose on the female population? Some catch onto it very quickly on their own, while others could use a four-year course.
All the hunks I write about are top of the line in the bedroom, of course. If I’m making him up, I’m giving him everything I want. But maybe one of these days I’ll write about a man who despite his age is a sexual innocent and about the woman who helps him realize his full potential.
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