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Me? I'll Take a Man in Motion

The annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention is only a few weeks away, so I figured this would be a good time for me to come clean about something. Um...I'm not that into the Mr Romance Competition. If you aren't familiar with the annual Mr Romance showdown I'll see if I can sum it up for you. It's an annual contest for male cover models, the prize is the title Mr Romance and a book cover contract. To see who wins they guys pose on stage, wear different "costumes" and answer questions. Professionally, I get why it's good for the models--promotion, prizes, publicity. Readers get to see what the guys look like in person which is interesting too.
But here's the thing, I don't get that into the Mr Romance show and for the past couple years I've tried to put my finger on the reason. I write erotic romance; I like hot men, so that's not it. I tossed around some ideas: the guys have too much product in their hair, the setting is not sexy, the clothes aren't right, the lights are too bright, the chairs are uncomfortable...ok you get the idea.
Today I may have finally figured it out. To me, men are sexy when they are actually doing something. Putting out a fire, roping a horse, building a deck, shoot, even cleaning out the car. It's that purposeful movement that gets to me.
So if there is a suggestion box at Mr Romance, this year I'll have an idea to put in it. "Instead of having the guys strut around on stage, let them carry our luggage or rearrange our room furniture."
Sound good to you?


Suzette said...

They can make your bed at the hotel room. Yeah.... I like that picture.

Anonymous said...

Or turn down the covers and leave a little chocolate?

Isabelle Drake said...

You guys have the idea!