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Oh, the things we do for research!

A while ago, I decided I wanted to write something that wasn't contemporary and wasn't a traditional male/female romance. My thought was to do a futuristic story that was perhaps male/male and since I wanted to know about male/male sex, I figured the best thing to do would be to go to the source so to speak. I sent an email to Spa Excess, the largest gay spa and bathhouse in Toronto and asked if I could come and visit sometime when they were closed. Robert, one of the owners, replied saying that I was certainly welcome, the only problem being that they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In other words, they never close. He also mentioned that nothing makes the cock go down faster than a woman wandering the corridors of a gay bathhouse and that's definitely not good for business.

So we picked a morning when the spa wouldn't be too busy and they could just announce that there was a woman on the premises. Jean, the manager of the club, met me at the back door. He had a wicked laugh and an equally wicked sense of humor. We went to the lounge where Robert was waiting. He's well spoken and beautiful, in his early 60s but looks much younger.

Once introductions were made, we set off to tour the building from top to bottom. I'm the only woman to have ever been past the lounge on the main floor, and I saw every nook and cranny in the place.

Our first stop was the playroom. Many of the rooms at Spa Excess have been created for visual or perhaps visceral pleasure so you can watch or be watched. As we entered, I noticed that one wall was made of glass and behind it was a shower room. The top half of the glass was dark so you couldn't see behind it yet the bottom was clear so you would have a great chest-down view of whoever was showering. The clear part was actually a two-way mirror so you could see in, but the people showering wouldn't know if anyone was watching or not. From what Robert said, this is an incredibly popular spot and there would definitely be lots of men watching.

Part of the allure of Spa Excess is the voyeuristic nature of many rooms. A small bathroom was equipped with a sprayer at the sink so men could wash their genitals. Behind it was a low two-way mirror that allowed men to watch from the other side. Robert mentioned that the bench behind the mirror was also one of their most popular spots for viewing and for sex.

The television room next door had an array of pedestal seats. As multiple TVs played man-on-man porn, Robert explained that this room was for sex, not television watching. The TVs are the impetus not the purpose of this chamber. Beyond the TV room is a playroom with a sling, a large St. Andrew's Cross on the wall, a play bench and a mock jail. The corners of the sling were suspended from the mirrored ceiling by chains that had ankle straps to hold the man's legs in the air. The sling was at the perfect height for one man to slide his cock into another. While the man in the sling is being pleasured by one or many, other men could watch and either masturbate or have sex.

The St. Andrew's cross had wrist and ankle straps so a man could be tethered to the cross and then driven crazy by one or more partners. The play bench is padded like a gymnastics vault box but low enough and small enough to allow three or four men to play at the same time. The jail is a set of open bars on a raised platform so a convict can stick his penis through the bars to be serviced by someone down on the floor. This whole play area is all about group gratification, either by taking part or watching others while you jack off.

By the time I got to this section of Spa Excess, I knew it was going to figure prominently in the book I would write. So I set to work.

All Tied Up will be released May 18th from Total-e-Bound, and is a futuristic male/female story that contains mild bondage. I know, I said I was going to write a male/male story, but I had so many women say they wanted to see what it was like at Spa Excess, that I wrote this story with a woman using the equipment from there. The story takes place off-world, but the heart of it, the inspiration for it, is Spa Excess.

Here's the blurb:

As a government agent, Naymeen Renaud’s mission is to belay Aiden Blackshott’s role in treasonous activities. So how does she end up in the wealthy businessman’s playroom, tethered for his pleasure?

Captain Naymeen Renaud’s current assignment for the United League of Veluvian Planets is to thwart any contact between forces hostile to the League, and wealthy industrialist Aiden C. Blackshott. But she soon finds herself straddling a line between duty and lust. She loves it when Aiden captures and pleasures her in his sex playroom. But she suspects her new lover has ties to her former partner, now a rogue agent, she has sworn to bring in.

Aiden also has a mission, one which threatens to fall apart when Naymeen appears the very evening he will play his final role in his assignment. When he allows her to kidnap him to keep her from upsetting carefully laid plans, she whisks him to her star cruiser and ties him to her bed so she can return the favour. She wants to believe in him, but in the end, is he betraying her just as her comrade did?

All Tied Up by Kaenar Langford

During the story, Naymeen is taken prisoner by Aiden Blackshott and finds herself tied to the St. Andrew's cross and tethered to the vault horse for his pleasure. And hers.

She kidnaps him and retaliates by tying Aiden to her bed.

Naymeen is also trying to capture a rogue agent. Needless to say, her focus is more often on Aiden.

Please check out the full story, May 18th from Total-e-Bound.

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