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Outrageous Romance

There's this young guy who spray painted the word PROM on the beach near the love-of-his-life's home. He did it as a romantic gesture, to get her to attend the prom with him.

The neighbors called the police and the poor kid's attempt at outrageous romance goes out like the tide.

The spray paint cans he used were confiscated. They'll be tested to make sure the paint doesn't do any harm to the beach and surrounding area.

Charges against the young man won't be pressed - hopefully.

That was a true story - I read it in the news this morning.

I like this young kid. He did something crazy and outrageous in the name of romance. He had the right idea. Win the girl's attention...and her heart.

Maybe we should take a lesson from him. Faced with stiff competition, he rose above the rest by taking a chance.

As I get older, I tend to become more set in my ways. It's a good and bad thing. While I like the fact that I don't have to impress the love of my life anymore because we've settled into this very comfortable relationship, maybe I do have to do something outrageous or crazy to show my guy I still love him.

Why let all the eighteen-year-olds have all the fun???

And maybe, my guy and I have done and still do some silly things in the name of love.

For example:

My guy knows I like a certain brand of coffee. He had one of the clerks at the food store climbing a ladder the other day to reach a box filled with my favorite brand of coffee. The carton sat on the very top of the shelf. My hubby held the ladder while the clerk climbed (oh heck, no - my guy was NOT about to climb up there himself! LOL - he knows better than that). But it was the idea that my husband cared enough to ask, cared enough to wait and make sure I got what I wanted. What a sight, too. A crowd packed the aisle. People just stared. Some even asked, 'What are they doing?' It made me feel good that my guy wanted to please me.

So, I returned the favor. The next day, I had the kid in the dairy aisle actually climb the refrigerator cases to reach the flavor of yogurt my husband loves.

Maybe that's all it takes. Be a little outrageous once in a while. Maybe that's why our relationship is still fresh after all these years.

Next time you think your relationship needs a little boost - do something a little out of the ordinary, and have yourself a really outrageous romance.


Catherine Chernow
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