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Welcome Total E-bound Readers!

I haven't had enough motivation to write a "true" blog post in a few weeks, things have been bumming me out. Turns out that the American Economy has fallen o ff the cliff, according to warren Buffett, a personal hero of mine.

Guess you Brits are fucked too.

Shit. In light of that, I thought it better to talk about my radio show instead, which is FAR from boring or depressing! Many of you may know but for you newbie listeners, I host a radio show on the Adult Radio station: Radio Dentata.

It's The UnNamed Romance Show and it's all about Erotic romance! I talk about my books of course, but we've had Total E-bound authors Ashlyn Chase and Isabella Drake on the show talking about our previously released anthology "Nectar of the Gods." Those interviews were fun. I've ranted, raved, hope to get reviews on the show and generally pimp myself all over the internet!

In the future, I'm planning to do more with Total E-bound authors because they're a GREAT roup and I really like the crowd I'm in with (Lisabet Sarai and I go pretty far back actually! *wink*)

Some of the things we talk about on the blogs become fodder for my show, just because those topics are important to not just writers, but to readers as well.

All interested parties can tune in at: 1 PM PST/4 PM EST on MOnday's at and enjoy a MUCh more entertaining discussion of the things we love: books!

I believe in helping to ease the pain in this world by writing romance. I hope to ease the pain by talking about my passions and sharing them with other authors and readers. So I hope you'll join me every MOnday!


Glsmeltr said...

It's a great show and i have enjoyed the hell out of the ones i've heard!
Hope you get loads of new listeners...and readers!!

Julie Robinson said...

Hey Sascha,

I like the way you say "I believe in helping to ease the pain in this world by writing romance." I'm going to have to use your sentence as my quote for the day in my daily journal. Sometimes, the way someone says something just resounds with me. And I've always had similar thoughts in that I like to read romance so that I can believe in love; hence the difficulty in writing them. So you see why your sentence just 'hit the spot' with me :-)

Ashley Ladd said...

I'd love to listen in to your radio show. It sounds like great fun. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the day job at that time every week. Is it saved on line for later listening?

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...


You can hear it rebroadcast on Saturdays :) Same time, 4 PM EST.

Thanks btwJulie, I'm glad i could help. I'm in a fowl mood as of late, but writing helps.