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Writing Rituals

I remembered my day to blog. *Lyn hangs head in shame for the previous lapses*

Do the rest of you have specific rituals when writing? I've narrowed mine down to:

1. coffee
2. comfy clothing
3. taking care of others - got certain things that have to be done first thing
4. getting down to business
5. picking up where I left off

Picking up where I left off involves:

A. working on my gratitude list (no work at all)
B. meditation
C. refreshing my fuzzy ole memory w/research notes I've made prior
D. beginning the day's writing where I left off the day (or night) before

Then before bedtime...I do the reverse of the previous 4 items.

I have to end well...I have to end whatever I'm working on with a good place for me to start the next day. I get those research notes ready to use. Then I do some meditating and my gratitude list. And the next morning...I have a good start.

This week, the schedule has been somewhat different. Friend Carol invited me to the EPIC conference in Las Vegas (you DO know she's up for an award, right???). The coffee is good, the only person I take care of is myself, and I refuse to wear anything but comfy clothing, even at a conference. It's me, ya know? Take it or leave it. And the thumb drive helps keep me on the same page with the laptop as the one I was on back home.

I imagine that a few margaritas and glasses of red wine at night haven't hurt my creative energies. JP Bowie is a marvelous cook - he had us over Friday night for the most delicious spaghetti, salad, and dessert - and the salmon from Canada made a great start with the appetizers before we dug into the meal. Good food. Good friends. Getting to read Bowie's MY VAMPIRE AND It's tough being me this week, but I'll survive. -hehehe

* * *
Anyone else care to list what works for them? I'm always open to new ideas.


Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

Scotch. Though I'm half tempted seriously to try out the "stereotypical view" of writing romance from the average readers POV.

Satin nightie/negligee in deep red (not sure about it going iwth my fair skin though) and red wine. I cannot do soft music...*snicker*


Lyn Cash said...

I'll nod in agreement to scotch - lol. Thanks for stopping by,Sascha. I've read your blog and every time I go to post something happens here. I'll land and stick there one of these times.

(And cracking up over the deep red nightie...on you or in your hands? - hehehe.