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Learning The Ropes

Last December, I had an amazing opportunity. My friend Jean, who manages Spa Excess, the largest gay spa in Toronto, made it possible for me to visit Bent Inn. I love the name and it is perfect for the business found there. Bent Inn is a gay bondage bed and breakfast. I wanted to learn more about BDSM and Dennis and Rod who run the B&B were more than happy to enlighten me. I spent most of a day there talking and touring the three story building. It is a beautiful space and the rooms are amazing.

Here's the back garden of Bent Inn.

Each room has a different bondage bed and various items of bondage equipment. This room had a lovely wooden stock in the corner.

But it's the bondage basement in the lovely Victorian house that is totally incredible! I'll show you what was there.

The bench and the box:

The barber chair and the wall web:

Specialized chairs and stools:

Medical examination table and a gurney:

Ropes and slings:

St. Andrew's Crosses and cages:

Here are some views up and down the basement:

If you forget to bring your paraphernalia, Dennis and Rod will gladly let you borrow something.

Thank you to Dennis and Rod for their great generosity in allowing me to see into an all male world that would normally not be open to me.

Check out Bent Inn.

Make sure you keep your eye out for my next Total-e-Bound release, All Tied Up, coming May 18th. You just might find a little bit of Bent Inn in it.

Check out All Tied Up.

Tales to seduce and entice...


Anonymous said...

looks like fun. :)

kaenar said...

It is quite an amazing place.
I must apologize for the error I missed in my read-through. It's a three storey building, not a three story building. A nice unintentional literary pun error there.

Jamie Hill said...

Holy smokes! Looks kinda intimidating to me. A fun trip for you Kaenar, no doubt!

Thanks for sharing,


Rhonda said...

I agree with Jamie, looks kinda intimidating to me too!

Ebook Addict said...

Wow -- intimidating is an understatment - lol

But I bet it was very educational as far as writing goes:-)

kaenar said...

I spoke to Dennis and Rod the other day. They run Bent Inn and they talked about one of the important things is music when they're down there. It might be classical, it might be hard rock or whatever but the music is an integral part of the whole thing. The basement definitely sets the scene for what happens there. I can imagine a ripple of apprehension going up your spine if you were the sub descending the stairs and seeing what was in store for you as you step into the room. I'm so eager to talk about the whole thing and what they told me about what goes on down there.

Kim Dare said...

I don't know about intimidating - it just looks like a hell of a lot of fun to me!

Great pics, Kaenar :)

Kim Dare.

Bronwyn Green said... you going to tell us what goes on down there or just leave us hanging like the naughty imp you are?

Lisabet Sarai said...

Wow, Kaenar!

Did you get any demonstrations?!

Seriously, I found this fascinating. I've written a lot of BDSM but never participated in any kind of public scene. Do you know whether there tend to be multiple groups in the dungeon at the same time? Or do you have to make a reservation (LOL)?

I envy you the experience.

Oh, btw - do they really not accept het couples? That would be a terrible shame!