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Man Cave vs. Girl Cave

Man Cave vs. Girl Cave.

No, we're not back in prehistoric times - we're right here in the twenty-first century.

I'm speaking about the latest idea to help romantic relationships endure -
The Man Cave.

Some call it ‘Mantuary.’

It is the room in the house, designed for, and by, a man, so that he can have his own ‘space.’

Supposedly, this ‘mancave’ is keeping marriages and relationships alive. It makes sense – after all, if your guy wants to keep his beat-up, ratty old recliner (that chair he just looooooooooooves to sit in), why argue about it? He can now put it in his mancave and enjoy it to his heart’s (and butt’s) content.

There are all kinds of ‘mancaves.’ From the ridiculous to the tricked-out. All that is needed is a garage, part of a basement – even the backyard shed. A guy just needs a place to hang out and have a drink, smoke a cigar; play a video game on is Xbox 360.
Celebrities are big on mancaves. The most tricked-out contain fancy cars, pool tables, pinball machines, and all kinds of media like huge, flat screen televisions.

So all of this got me thinking: Why can’t I have a ‘girlcave?’

LOL – As I’m telling my husband all about the celebrity, tricked-out mancaves, I said I’d be blogging about ‘girlcaves’ today. I told my hubby I wanted my own ‘girlcave.’

His reply?

"You’ve got the entire house!"

Yeah, well, that’s not entirely true. Over the years I’ve shared my entire abode with him, my two kids, and two cats. We’ve also had assorted houseguests. (You know the kind...the ones that don’t ever seem to leave unless you kick them out).

At one time, not too long ago, I had my own office. Yeah. Really. I was soooooooooo happy! I could go up to my own room, in my own house to write, or do whatever and then...

My daughter moved back home and into my office (it was her bedroom to begin with).


So, I think I’m entitled to a girlcave of my own.

Here’s what I’d put in mine:

Whine (hey, that’s why I have a girlcave!)
Flavored cigars (yeah, well, okay – I admit it. I love flavored cigars. The ones that taste like chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
A big, beautiful, fresh flower arrangement in an elegant crystal vase
My laptop
Cell phone
TV (flat screen or otherwise – I’m not picky)
Every episode on tape of ‘Two And A Half Men’ so I can laugh at those manly men – hey, I’ll bet they want mancaves!
Every episode on tape of ‘The View’
Every episode on tape of ‘King of Queens’ – I just love Carrie
Large, four-poster canopied bed
Four hot, hunky guys with large, palm-frond fans
( cool me off when I’m writing those spicy love scenes as I lay in the large, four-poster bed)
Foot massager (human or machine - it doesn’t matter - as long as someone or something rubs my feet)
Head massager (it could be one of those hot, hunky guys or please just anyone who’ll run their fingers through my hair when I ask)
A journal and all kinds of fancy writing implements (so I can chronicle what it feels like to have my own ‘girlcave’)

So here’s my question for you – if you had a girlcave, what would you put in yours?

Catherine Chernow


Andrea Dickinson said...

Oh yes. These are definitely needed in every home. I am so grateful for mine.

Check out my Girl Cave at

Molly Daniels said...

My entire library of books, my doll collection, and all my music (Records, tapes, and CD's). Oh, and computer, phone, and photo albums:)

Catherine Chernow said...

Andrea, I just checked out your girl cave. I love it!

: )

Catherine Chernow

Catherine Chernow said...

You're right, Molly. I almost I'll need all my tunes in my 'girlcave.'

: )

Catherine Chernow

Andrea Dickinson said...

Thanks for checking out my girl cave, Catherine. The really funny thing is I haven't worked in the Girl Cave for the past two week. I've been working in the living room! I like a change of scenery.

I hope you get your Girl Cave. :)