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Oh my gosh - turning 40!

I don't usually think as much about the age I'm turning on each birthday. I generally enjoy birthdays, my own and those of my friends. Forty, however, is one of those milestone birthdays, at least from my perspective because I feel kind of in-between in a strange sort of way.

At this age, it takes longer to lose those extra pounds when, years ago, they'd melt off simply by cutting out red meat or sugar. My skin and hair take more work to keep looking shiny and healthy and well, the cottage cheese look of my butt and inner thighs - I'll just veer my thoughts away. lol.

That said, I wouldn't trade where I am in my life for anything. Twenty years ago, my life was in disorder. I was very unhappy, didn't have a direction and couldn't really enjoy anything. I did have one best girlfriend and we are still close, so that's good, but the rest? Depressing.

In the years in between, I've had the great fortune of hooking up with the man in my life. He's older than me and saw my potential but that I needed to feel loved by someone and hadn't had that. Being a romantic at heart, I saw the chance that I read about in romance novels and in spite of my own personal difficulties, took the plunge. It's been fourteen years and I've faced many things inside I was afraid to face. At one point, I dug enough to find the writer inside me and let her out. Thirty-one books later, I'm still typing away and the stories keep bubbling up, a tribut to the love that's inspired me and helped me get my life back.

At forty, I have the inner and outer life that I'd pretty much envisioned for myself and I'm incredibly grateful. I just wanted to share that.

Just real quick - my acutal birthday isn't until the twenty-sixth (next Sunday) but I needed to share now because this is my blog day. The other cool thing about my birthday is it's the same day as Jet Li's birthday. I love sharing that day with someone so cute and so cool! Hugs, Sedonia


Lisabet Sarai said...

How appropriate that someone who writes such fabulous martial arts erotic romance should share a birthday with Jet Li!

Happy Birthday in advance, Sedonia. I'm in my fifties, and I have to say, despite the physical challenges, I would never go back to being twenty!


Sedonia Guillone said...

Thanks, Lisabet!