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RT come and gone.

Hey all!

I missed my day last month, I was at the NECRWA, but this month I get to recap RT. YAY!

RT was very fun for me this year. I met more readers then I have previously and I sold out at the signing day in less then an hour! I did a panel on demons, a meet and greet at club RT and finally got to meet my awesome editor Michelle and the TEB head honcho Claire. I love them. They were so classy and wonderful, I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the future, though when is anyone's guess.

Claire hard at work

The TEB table!

I gave away a lot of promo (including some large magnets for Beyond the Vision of Dreams) and had a great time. It was awesome. Speaking of the snake book, THANK YOU to everyone that bought the book so far and entered my contest. The winner of the Beyond the Vision of Dreams prize pack is Gail Martin! Congrats Gail, I'll be emailing you soon for your address!

I'll be doing another give away for BVD goodies soon, and the way you can win is by posting a review. The goodies will be worth it!

So now I have one more thing to look forward to that HUGE on the horizon: The Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend. Its going to be amazing, and I cant wait to see the awesome readers that I met at RT at the event. We have so much planned, October cant come soon enough.

Soon though, we have out the next in our Knossos West series, Surrender in Moonlight. If your following the books, this one was out already back in the day, and will probably be expanded a little in the edits. I cant wait to get it out to everyone. We have already given in the third book, A Gift of Daybreak, and that will be out in August. So are you enjoying the stories? LOL.




Anonymous said...

Congratulations on selling out at the booksigning. I was there for the booksigning and I know I was thrilled to meet so many authors.

Chris R

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey Stella,

Is that you in the top photo? It's great to have a face to put on the snappy personality!

I'm so jealous that you got to go to RT. Someday...! Meanwhile lots of luck with BVD.