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Small World & Reconnecting at RT

I was talking the other day about how it is truly a small world. I was on the train going to the day job when I spotted a familiar face in the crowd. After glancing at them trying to remember where I recognized them from I realized it was one of my high school teachers. We talked about what we had both been up to since high school oh so many years ago. To soon my high school teacher reached her stop and we parted ways. We talked so much we forgot to exchange contact info. I was cursing myself for not thinking of it when we talked. I haven’t kept in touch with much people from my high school year. Heck even my college years. I do try but we grew apart. But with it being such a small world maybe my high school teacher and I will run into each other on the subway again and this time before I start talking I will get her contact info so we can keep in touch. It was great reconnecting with her and brought back lots of memories.

This unexpected meeting on the train had me thinking of my upcoming trip in a few days where I will be going to the Romantic Times convention. There are a few people I chat with online that I can’t wait to see again at RT is person. I’m excited to reconnect with them. Talking online is good but I am a more face to face person. So seeing friends at RT is a plus for me. Having long conversations, laughing and just having fun. I can’t wait. RT I’ll be there in a few. If you are going to RT I hope to see you there and get to chat with you.

Who have you reconnected with lately?

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Andrea Dickinson said...

I, too, have lost contact with most people from HS and college, and then I found Facebook. OH MY! EVERYONE is on FB. It's a great tool to find people and get reconnected.