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Younger Men

I feel like a bird with a broken wing, or maybe just a clipped wing.

A couple weeks ago I slipped in the bathroom (it seems more injuries occur at home than out of the home) and hurt my arm.

11 stitches and several bruises later, I'm going nuts. Luckily it was my left arm and and I'm right handed so I can write by hand with no problem. Extended typing doesn't feel too good at the moment, however. So I'm going crazy.

I have another story handwritten and another one started, waiting to send to my critique partner. I'm not the patient type and can't stand to sit still or stop production. But I'm also grateful it wasn't worse. So if my editor reads this, she won't be surprised in a few weeks when I send two or three submissions all at once.

Meanwhile, my hubby and my kids are taking good care of me. They're also policing me telling me not to overdo it and write too much. Right now, my arm is screaming at me to give it a break for the night. I will as soon as I finish this post.

My hubby, btw, is a younger man. Not by much, but I used to like only older men, so when he told me he was younger, it was almost a deal breaker. It really bothered me even though we graduated high school the same year and he's several inches taller. I couldn't understand the allure of boys (vs. men).

Now that I'm maturing, I like younger men. They're hot and oh-so-cute.

In most of the movies and books I read, as well as most of the couples I see in real life, the men and women don't reveal their ages. I can't tell who's older and who's younger. And it really doesn't matter. Should it? I've been married to my "younger" man 29 years now and we have 5 children and 2 grandchildren, so we've done just great. My son, btw, is younger than my d-i-l and they're extremely happy.

Thus, in my January TEB release, "Last Man On Earth", the hero is younger than the heroine and I think he's very hot. If you like younger men, too, check it out. :)

After Earth blows up, Astronauts Colonel Genie Siska and Major David Randolph are kidnapped by aliens.

Astronaut Major David Randolph is the last human male alive after Earth blows up. Colonel Genie Siska and David witness Earth's explosion from their space ship. In shock and despair, the couple run through a myriad of emotions. Although Genie's always been highly attracted to the major, he's also fourteen years younger than her. Even though he's literally the last man left alive, she still doesn't know if she can take a man so much younger than her as her lover.

David's always been in love with his commanding officer, and he's frustrated that even now, she resists him. They are literally mankind's last chance for survival. Or are they? When they are "rescued" or is it kidnapped by aliens, the whole picture changes. However, they are not sure if it's for better or worse.

Excerpt from: Last Man on Earth

USAF Colonel Genie Siska gaped at the blinding lights pinpointing the Earth. In shock, she wasn’t sure if she was speaking aloud or thinking, “My dear God. What’ve they done? How could they?”

“God save our souls,” Major David Randolph whispered beside her. His shoulder crowded hers and his hip bumped her as he ran back to his station.

The com channels were frantic with chatter. Maydays arose in every language. Reports of massive death and destruction filled Genie’s ears as she stared in disbelief from the command link to the planet below. Her fingers dug into the ledge in front of her, and she feared she’d sink to the ground if she let go. “How can they do this?”

She prayed to God for forgiveness and deliverance.

“Don’t just stand there, Colonel!” David grabbed her and dragged her into their escape ship. “We’ve got to get out of here now. If the planet explodes, it’ll blast apart the station.”

Earth explode?

She gulped. Her heart shattered as she envisioned the fiery deaths of all the children of Earth. The babies. The animals. All innocents. None deserving of the fate their elders decreed.

Mutely, swallowing hard, hoping David’s words weren’t prophetic, she forced herself to focus. But she couldn’t wrap her mind around the possible reality.

She helped David steer the ship out into space far enough for safety but close enough to see their home. When he put his arm around her, she didn’t demur. Rather, she wrapped her arms around him and laid her cheek on his shoulder, taking comfort from his steady heartbeat and the rise and fall of his chest. “Why is this happening?”

He squeezed her shoulder and huskily murmured, “Who really knows? Greed? Selfishness? Stupidity? Religious fanaticism?”

A sad snort arose from her lips, and she struggled to hold back tears and not damn all the religious nuts to hell. For heaven’s sake, USAF Colonels didn’t cry. In particular, female officers couldn’t show such weakness or her troops lose respect. She’d rather be a tough bitch. But against orders, tears clung to her lashes, and she tried to blink them back. “So we blew ourselves up in the name of God?”

He pressed his lips to her temple. “Quite possibly. We’ll never know.”

He sounded so much more mature than his mere twenty-eight years, and she burrowed into his strength.

The ship rocked with shock waves, and she gasped. Blinding light and meteors hurled at them.

“Damn! The idiots really did it,” David seethed and gathered her closer and held her tightly as if he craved the human contact.

Anxious for affirmation she wasn’t alone in the big, cold universe, she clutched him. Tears dropped unchecked from her eyes and sobs racked her throat. Although she’d never married nor had children, her heart ached for her nephew and her sister, for all the lost souls, for lost dreams, for the terror and pain everyone must have felt.

Furious at the sons of bitches who’d turned the doomsday switches, she flung back her head and howled her rage, and she pummelled her fists against David’s chest. “We’re dead! This is the end of the human race. How could we?”

A million visions collided in her mind, changing with such lightning speed she grew dizzy and crumpled to the floor. Gasping for air, her sobs came on hiccoughs. Irony in her voice, she mused, “I never thought it fair to marry or have kids as I thought my mission too dangerous, that I’d be the one to die in this godforsaken space…and now we’re the only ones left.”

David hunkered down on his haunches and stroked her face. His intensely blue gaze bore into her. Very sombrely and seriously he said, “We weren’t the only satellite orbiting Earth. The Russians and the Chinese are up here, too.”

“If they didn’t get pulverised.” Acid tears burned her eyes and hovered on her lashes. They burned her eyes much like the explosion burned away Earth’s atmosphere.

Again, David pulled her close and rocked back and forth with her in his arms. “Shush. We’ll make it. We’re resilient.”

She peeked out the window at the spookily empty space—empty barring all the dust and debris from their home.

Damn it! It shouldn’t be so beautiful, like sparkling fairy dust.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Ashley,

I had a broken arm once - fell off my bike on the way to work - and it was awful. It was my right arm (elbow to be exact), and I'm right handed! Anyway, I came to understand that the pain saps your strength when I almost fainted in the shower. So do take care of yourself, as your family urges!

The stories will wait.


Crissy said...

It's good your family is taking great care of you. I hope you have a speedy recovery!


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